goat meat price per pound

Total cost=$335.52 which is $9.32 per pound of meatWhere to get the goat from? 0000002758 00000 n If you are comparing goat meat to the cheapo ground beef in the 10 pound tube packs in the meat section of the store, then yes, goat meat is much more expensive than beef. You will receive announcements of our latest reports and other news as shown on the ERS calendar. Federal government websites always use a .gov or .mil domain. The above breeding stock inventory represents a capital of over $12 million. They can come in a variety of colors.Male Alpine goats usually grow to 32 inches tall and 130 pounds. y���³����#k�T��~��V���F��� �B�i@#8�l �Q��APPH�$��ll�dP26�``�h�t�20�N��@,Qf�g���G�����A�y7�f� �)����S�ivκX ��ܐ��p������2 � P��20&�iP0��&cA�f� � Thompson said the dip in sheep inventories for meat and wool and the subsequent dip in prices are surprising because of price strength and consumer demand. The production of milk, high quality and large quantities of it, requires some pretty specific parameters.Goats for dairy have a high maintenance level and require lots of care.They need to be fed the highest quality of foods, as well as lots of it.It is also worth noting that goat milking equipment is quite costly. Plus you will need to pay for the hauling ($25) and the butchering ($90 per head+$0.57/pound of meat). xref Cooperative Extension, the rise in the demand can be attributed to the increase in the population of various ethnic groups residing in the US.These ethnic populations are demanding healthier and leaner red meat, which is exactly what goat meat is, especially when compared to other sources of red meat, such as beef and pork.Raising goats is absolutely profitable, which is one of the main reasons why the raising of goats for both meat and dairy in the US has been on the rise over the past two decades.Research shows that of the major consumers of goat meat in the United States, the three major groups of consumers include Hispanics, Muslims, and people from the Caribbean.It has been shown that Hispanic and Caribbean people prefer Cabrito, younger milk-fed goats which weigh between 15 and 25 pounds live, or Chevon, which are goats slightly older than Cabrito, weighing up to 60 pounds live.On the other hand, Muslims seem to prefer leaner and heavier goats, weighing up to 70 pounds live.Let’s take a look at some goat market statistics for the US for the past three decades.In the US, you will earn a higher price if your goats are 100% grass fed.The average market price for a pound of 100% grass fed goat meat from a farm is $20 per pound, depending on the cut and your geographic location.When you sell a whole, grass fed goat, you account for the premium cuts as well.While there is a discount for buying the whole goat, the price per pound is overall higher, typically about $22 per pound.Therefore, a 100% grass fed goat that weighs 25 pounds, at $22 a pound is $550 on average.Although the numbers of goats in the US has risen and fallen several times over the past years, there is an ever-increasing demand for goat meat.The simple fact of the matter is that the US does not produce enough goats to meet its current demand, which is increasing the quantity of goat meat being imported.One of the reasons for this appears to be that meat goats are relatively hard to raise.The increasing demand for goat meat should spur increased goat production numbers in the US.However, the difficulties associated with raising goats are to blame for the decrease in the number of goats being raised in the US between 2005 and the current day.With everything said and done, raising goats can still be very profitable, if done the right way.Something which you as a potential goat farmer may be wondering is whether it is more profitable to raise goats for meat or for dairy.The fact of the matter is that both meat and dairy goats can be very profitable to raise, but is one more profitable than the other?Let’s take a closer look at the difference between raising meat goats and dairy goats.In terms of body shape and size, dairy goats tend to be quite tall with long legs. Price spreads are reported for last 6 years, 12 quarters, and 24 months. The Agricultural Exchange Rate Data Set contains annual and monthly data for exchange rates important to U.S. agriculture. Wool prices have dipped some since record highs of around $7 per pound in 2018, but remain very strong at more than $6.50 per pound, Thompson said. The current market price is $1.30/lb ($91.00) for a 70 pound meat goat. Currently we, as a country, import more than half of the goat meat that is eaten here. %%EOF I have an article explaining buying animals at a livestock auction, Yes, there is a large market for goat meat in the U.S. 0000063757 00000 n Nigerian Dwarf goats have very thick and stocky bodies with short legs.These goats are not overly large and can grow to about 21 inches tall and 75 pounds.This type of goat has its origins in the Middle East, but was first developed in Britain during the 19th Century.Nubian goats tend to be larger than other breeds of dairy goats with a good deal of meat on them.Bucks can grow to 35 inches in height and 310 pounds, with Nubian does growing to 31 inches in height and 240 pounds.One of the defining characteristics of LaMancha goats is their distinctly small ears or lack of ears.LaMancha bucks will grow to roughly 30 inches tall and at least 155 pounds.

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