guernsey cow vs jersey cow

I saw this cow on-line available here in NY and knew that Guernsey's were closely related to Jerseys, and likely a better choice for components than a holstein, so I bought her.

Plus, answers to FAQ's like, 'Should you get a cow?' Then it was hard to find cows. The average Guernsey breed cow has an estimated weight of between four hundred and fifty to five hundred kilograms, which is just over the known weight of the Jersey breed cow who has an average weight of four hundred and fifty kilograms or one thousand pounds. They are in the auction barn. The Jersey/Guernsey is going to have the higher butterfat and be smaller. and 'How Much Space do I need?' Would anyone know why I can't seem to view th pictures?Wish I could help you with pics. I can't remember if this is her first freshening? Both could be good family cows- I would check out both and ask about temperment, calving history, how she is with milking, how easy she is to breed back, any mastitis or milk fever, production (its hard to judge between the two because genetics counts a lot), what they are being fed, etc. This book is intended as an inspirational manual for keeping a family milk cow. Not to mention back ache. This Guernsey, however, with her slow and careful movements just makes people smile.
A daily diary of life on Coburn Farm - updated every Saturday! The raw whole milk yogurt I made was just as thick as the Jersey yogurt, but without the thick cream layer. Live fully. The Jersey milk had so much cream in it, it really was yellow and, well, so creamy it was almost greasy as someone described it. In the world you will have tribulations; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world."

The cat complains and won't drink it skimmed, (even warm and fresh) if hunting has been good enough for him. The rest of you will know about this better than I, though.Another thing to think about....do you want milk NOW...or wait until May?The dairies I spoke to who had Brown Swiss, Holstein and Jersey did like their Brown Swiss temperament (although my husband said he has had nothing but problems when he has to work with them on dairies), but said pound for pound they consume more feed and put out less milk than the other two mentioned breeds.

Certainly this Guernsey lives up to the gentle cow reputation of the breed. Well, time will tell. Practical advice for the everyday and procedures for cow emergencies. Meadow Creek Mama--You make me laugh!! I must sell them in March.If i separate the 2 cows do you think they will calm down and not charge me once they get to know me?A bull was put on her herd Late Last May so she was expected to be due between May1 and August.
Have a new jersey milk cow and am looking to see how long she needs to be dried up prior to calving? Looks white to me. I'm feeding her twice the grain I ever fed the Jersey and it may not be enough. The skimmed Guernsey milk is thinner/waterier than the skimmed Jersey milk. Jersey cow family: Samson's Rosita (age 3) & Virtuoso Briar Rose (age 2)Rosalind, those pictures were very fun to see. Trying to get a good picture of a head bale. A daily diary of life on Coburn Farm - updated every Saturday! Amount of milk vs. butterfat content, temperment ect.The Jersey/Guernsey is going to have the higher butterfat and be smaller. The front is much lower. That's all the research I did. I think I may keep her and breed to much smaller Guernsey bulls (my A.I tech is very optimistic that we can successfully A.I her) just because they do still make sense for homesteads and family cows (but they should not be soooo big--unless that is really better for hand milking, which is distinctly a possibility). It will work out eventually but don't expect her to be sweet right away. I'm sure someone will chime in soon.Same here. Go play outside. I'm looking for photos of homemade hay feeders suitable for 1-2 cows. difficult). So their milk is going to be more Holstein-ish.

This is a problem for milking out evenly.

She's giving NO more milk than the Jersey and she's twice her size. It really does taste fantastic whole. Have a new jersey milk cow and am looking to see how long she needs to be dried up prior to calving? Welcome Guest.

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