half a mill rapper death

"Thug Luv" is interesting in that it isn't your standard 'I miss my homies' song because he thinks optimistically of those mysteriously missing: "Y'all probably pushin' gold Porsches / Cribs with gold faucets / Pimpin' hoes who pose for portraits." The come-up is ever-present on "Milíon": "We from the housing bricks pushin' year 2000 whips / We went from ounces to bricks, house on the cliff, thousands on the wrist."

Rap was his means to envision a better world - mostly for himself, but also for those around him: "I got one goal, to put gold on the streets where the projects is."

But was there really another route for Jasun Wardlaw? Part of the reason is the fact that he came late to the party and didn't wear a particularly original outfit. We are exhausted." Rising rapper HALF-A-MIL was found shot to death in his apartment last week (24OCT03) in Brooklyn, New York. Half-A-Mill :: Milíon:: Warlock Records ** RapReviews "Back to the Lab" series ** as reviewed by Matt Jost The Firm was a short-lived rap supergroup that failed to live up to expectations with "The Album. Why isn't Half-A-Mill held in the same regard as other rappers who met an untimely death? His first break came when Mister Cee introduced him to Big Daddy Kane in 1993, who wanted him on his label (Black Caesar Records) that never quite got off the ground. A Brooklyn cat with a QB slant similar to AZ, in 2000 Mill Gates was still a Firm representative, even after the associates had filed for bancruptcy. Full details surrounding the shooting have yet … "While most people, including some of the involved, quickly tried to forget about it, the idea of The Firm continued to occupy the minds of a few others. On the rowdy party track "Thug Onez," a Neptunes-produced afterthought to "NORE" that made a bit of noise for the upcoming album, he's simply along for the ride with Noreaga, Musalini and Kool G Rap. The study noted that this figure refers primarily to premature deaths as most hip hop musicians have not yet lived long enough to fall into the highest-risk ages for heart- and liver-related illnesses. Proving that big production names are not mandatory, DJ Ali and Mill competently lace "Thuggest Enemy #1" and "Where BK At." He doesn't detail how, instead he does what is known as flossing and flaunting. Details are sketchy surrounding the shooting. Another highlight is "Some Niggaz," previously released on the "Belly" OST.

"Tuff Guy," on the other hand, is completely immersed in rap's mob era (of which "The Album" was supposed to be a highlight of), with Half and Ali Vegas engaged in Goodfellas-style dialogue, which is entertaining but not exactly groundbreaking. The song also showcases Half's mystic side when he talks about "cats in CIA jails, men in black prisons / who got caught with cabbage from Egyptians / Semarians contacted by aliens / black Elohiem trapped in the beast / kidnapped from the east / now in the western hemisphere trapped in the streets."

"See us flossin', you swear to God we robbed Tito's / Car paid for, smack the shit outta the repo / Every verse is like kilos in the streets, yo."

Ironically, the mugging took place just near a church.

Shortly after he realized that the album did not meet the expect… He gives a similarly solid performance on the really well written "Ghetto Girl," but Sha Self's (AKA Sha Money XL) ho-hum bubblegum beat and the crowded chorus work against his good intentions. While working on a third one, he was shot dead in his home in Brooklyn's Albany projects October 24th 2003. He eventually had his breakthrough in 1997 when he appeared in an album called The Firm which includes a couple more artists like Nas, Nature, and Foxy Brown. "Gimme Ya Luv" is a cross between both, mixing the mental and physical aspects of love over a classy, Curtis Mayfield-sampling track. Reportedly he also recorded a demo with DJ Scratch before self-releasing his debut single in 1994. You can hear about it in these very raps. He was a good dude.”The rapper had worked with such heavyweights as The Firm, AZ, Nas, Just Blaze, Trackmasters, Kool G. Rap, Capone-N-Noreaga and others.Half-A-Mil was working on his third album at the time of his death.Tekashi 6ix9ine continues to play on his infamous status as a snitch with his upcoming album "Tattle Tales. Rounding out the production hot list is Just Blaze, who, while doing his best LES impression on "Thug Luv," brings the heat on "Fires in Hell" (also on the "Black Mask" OST). Born in 1969, Jasun Wardlaw made his full-length debut at 31, an age when most rap careers begin to draw to a close. On December 16, 1993, Charizma’s life and career were cut short when he was tragically shot and killed in a mugging incident in East Palo Alto, California. He was one of those outstanding, but underrated artists.

Again Mill manages to drop a few gems on 'em:

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