harry wong first days of school pdf

The more capable the teacher, the more successful the student.57. It is the teacher who makes the difference in what happens in the classroom.56. Student achievement is greater when the teaching style matches the learning style.35. I knew I wanted the room to be cute, but I had no clue how to fill the first few days of school. 0 In this bundle you will get the practices that I find most valuable in establishing positive relationshipThis powerpoint is a great way to introduce your classroom procedures on the first day of school. The Busy Educator. The four stages of teaching 7. It is based off of the PowerPoint used in The First Days of School book by Harry Wong. This PPT contains 31 slides and is fully customizable to your needs. Wait Time: Wait five or more seconds after asking a question.33.

A sample schedule of the first three days of school in my fourth or fifth grade classroom. The three characteristics of an effective teacher are: has good classroom management skills teaches for mastery has positive expectations for student success.. 2. Keep hands, feet, and objects to self Position yourself in the room near the students: problems are proportional to distance.12. h�Ėmo�8ǿ�_�j��miU)i��J�=i���d�m�) �S��o�Bh�({'L��x�g� #$�x�D This product shows my 'First Days Script" (a term derived from Harry Wong's First Days of School <--- go read that!). Dress in a professional manner to model success and expect achievement.14. Marjan Glavac. A simple exercise, whether in Language Arts or Social Studies, is to have your students copy down a famous quote each week. This may be the best purchase you make you today and definitely one you won't regret! To increase assignment completion, state your assignments as a set of criteria or objectives.25. You are teaching across the curriculum, and they are learning about famous figures in historyHere are some resources I've "tweaked" over the years to exchange information with students at the start of a new school year or semester. 300 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<8551D07341887640B17A69F5BA37D91F><9D2ADE5C9A9B114CACA5AAA98A92D96A>]/Index[279 50]/Info 278 0 R/Length 106/Prev 603537/Root 280 0 R/Size 329/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream Some teachers are workers, others are leaders.41. Your expectations of your students will greatly influence their achievement in your class and in their lives.3. Procedures have changed my life! Cooperative learning will prepare students for the competitive, global world economy.22. It's a quick, easy way to find out lots more about your students and quickly determine who your pianists/strong sight-readers/experienced singers mightNOTE: You are purchasing this product using GOOGLE SLIDES.After reading Harry Wong's "The First Days of School: How to be an Effective Teacher," I have used this Google Slide or a similar version of it every year that I have been teaching as a Back-to-School activity to familiarize my students with Harry K. Wong & Rosemary T. Wong wrote a book The First Days of School. Based on the writings of Harry Wong's First Day of School bestseller, this is a kid-friendly step-by-step guide to getting along during each minute of the kindergarten day. Harry K. Wong is an educator, educational speaker and author. My classroom runs much more smoothly now that I adhere to these procedures and students

The four stages of teaching: Fantasy, Survival, Mastery, and Impact.42. The First Days of School” By: Harry K. Wong & Rosemary T. Wong Presented By: Jessica Bee Danni Karas Kiana Kerns Regina Schneider Elaine Segner. It covers expectations This powerpoint I created to use on the 1st day of school. “Give Me 5″ is a classroom management method that works best with kinder through 5th grade. It is based off of the PowerPoint used in The First Days of School book by Harry Wong. He also has authored a monthly column on www.teachers.net, a CD set, and a book on New Teacher Induction.

Mastery learning plus tutorial instruction results in higher achievement than students taught in a conventional manner.29. It is an awesome responsibility.49. 1. This PPT contains 31 slides and is fully customizable to your needs.

If the student does not master a criterion, give the student remediation and corrective help.30. There must be an assignment posted, and in a consistent location, when the students enter the room.10. But this is a horse (or slip) of a different color. He is best known for his roles as Mike Chang on the Fox television series Glee (2009–2015) for which he was nominated for four Screen Actors Guild Awards, winning once, and as Magnus Bane on the Freeform television series . Since it takes me a week to see every kid in the school I wanted to be super clear about my expectations. The effective teacher impacts lives 6. He has authored over 30 publications, often coauthoring with his wife Rosemary Wong, which he did on his best known work, The First Days of School. Start asking, "What must I know that will help me to accomplish what I need to do?"58.

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