hide and seek chinese movie ending explanation

When a guilt-fueled nightmare causes Sung-soo to lash out in frustration, Min-ji vows to take the children with her to the United States. Meanwhile, waiting in the street outside, Pingzhi momentarily panics when her daughter disappears. Pingzhi is further annoyed by the fact that Zhang Jiawei never told her he had a brother; he says he’ll explain everything in due course, but meanwhile will stay in the flat and wait for his brother to return. Action: Bak Jeong-ryul. Trimming some of the ones that stretch too long might have sped the pace and made “Hide and Seek” a bona fide classic, but most of the moments are still effectively executed with expert precision. It proves that no matter how bad your in-laws are, at least they aren’t trying to kill you. While the meaning of the MK symbolism of the movie probably flew about a mile above most viewer’s heads, only a little knowledge of the subject is required to make the entire thing extremely overt and blatant. The formidable Qin, 38, who can do everything from arty (Aside from the inherited plot implausibilities, which writers Ren Peng (The underlying theme of social threat from below (“I know where you live”) only really emerges in the creepy final shot, and its effectiveness is mitigated by lengthy intertitles at the beginning and end of the film explaining “paranoid mental disorders”. And the tension remains high from the very first setup all the way through to the very last scene. Sung-soo and his wife Min-ji live in a luxury high-rise with their daughter Su-ah and son Ho-she. There is a subtle underlying message about how cameras, monitors, and passcodes only provide an illusion of security, and that no amount of surveillance and protective countermeasures can match the sheer determination of a psychopath with a lead pipe. A price for such fortune is that each new member of the family must play a game, selected by the cursed box itself. Sound: Wang Danrong. At the beginning of "Hide and Seek," I thought I was going to be interested in the characters all the way to the end, but then the plot went on autopilot. Joo-hee takes Pyeong-hwa to the other apartment building, terrorizing Min-ji and her children once again. hi there could someone please explain the ending of this film for me. The fact that writer/director Jung Huh is a first-time feature filmmaker makes it all the more stunning.Huh displays a natural instinct for camera placement and beat alternation that other directors spend entire careers developing an understanding of. A corollary is that if a minor actor is set up as a suspect, he's a decoy. I just cant see its possible that if the real truth is that her dad was the killer that they would just stick her in a mental hospital, i really wish they had explained this more. Sung-soo escapes to the apartment next door. In the film's opening flashback, the sobbing groom, with arrows plunged into … In the best Shyamalan movies, everything fits, and you can go back and see them again and understand how all the parts worked. In a rundown area of the city, in a block of flats due to be demolished, Lulu (Chun Xia) is murdered one night by a motorcycle helmet-wearing killer from the flat next door. I wonder was she always in the institution, she was there at the very begining of the movie maybe she never left. But let's talk about that ending. For a moment, that mysterious awful thing they were waiting for doesn't happen. There is a Chinese remake or adaptation of this movie with the same title. When she returns to her apartment, Eun-hye is attacked and killed by the cyclist who sneaked inside. Not only does he find hidden panels connecting multiple domiciles, but underneath every doorbell in the building is a crudely scribbled code. All except for some friendly but peculiar neighbors.This is a setup for a typical horror film, but for the first hour, at least, "Hide and Seek" feels more like M. Night Shyamalan and less like formula. Executive direction: Zhao Xiang.Cast: Huo Jianhua (Zhang Jiawei), Qin Hailu (Su Hong), Wan Qian (Pingzhi, Zhang Jiawei’s wife), Chun Xia [Li Junjie] (Lulu), Dong Zijian (Xiaodong, Lulu’s boyfriend), Li Yiqing (Zhang Zimeng, Zhang Jiawei’s daughter), Fan Qianhui (Li Xiaoping, Su Hong’s daughter), Zhao Xiang (Zhang Jiahui), Lu Youchen (young Zhang Jiawei), Chen Bingxu (young Zhang Jiahui). Now, the other family members have no choice but to kill Grace before dawn...or else meet an unknown, but terrible, fate.There's no talking the Le Domas family out of killing Grace, as they've already gone through this ritual years before. As the ritual begins, the sun comes up.The Le Domas family (including Alex) looks around the room, waiting for their fate.

A broadcaster of live horror themed streams receives a video which contains a female high school student disappearing right after she was calling a ghost while playing hide and (go) seek alone. Zhang Jiawei is obsessive about cleanliness and becomes upset when a filthy tramp comes into the coffee shop-cum-florist he and his wife own and run. She’s helped by a local woman, Su Hong (Qin Hailu), who also has a young daughter of the same age, Li Xiaoping (Fan Qianhui); she invites the family back for a coffee at her flat, which is next to that of Zhang Jiawei’s brother. Possibly to put those unsightly sores out of the picture, and possibly to put his hands on the family fortune, Sung-soo corroborated a story of sexual impropriety that sent his brother away at a very young age.

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