hornady 44 mag xtp for deer hunting

Worked fine. Dirty Harry says,The appearance of the S&W Model 29 also solidified its place in pop culture. Come join the discussion about hunting, fishing, survival, archery gunsmithing, optics, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more!

I always wondered if they were supposed to be for 444 loads. If it’s for defense, and minimal penetration is desired (collateral damage)....then this is your bullet.

Both have worked well for me on deer. Still a great hunt.Congrats on your buck. I will post pic tomorrow to dark and I was wore out after the drag out.

Elmer Keith was a proponent of having all purpose bullets, which may have come from his experience as a rancher. Black Hills 240 Grain. Reliable performance makes the XTP ® the most popular handgun bullet for both target shooters and hunters.
And the Hornady factory loads shoot accurate enough that I don't even hand load for it anymore.Its been a while, but I've loaded it in the 444 using 44 Rem mag load data..Has anyone used the 200gr. It offers a Muzzle Velocity of 1250 fps.This new production round is high performance ammunition featuring a patented, reverse-taper jacket design. Video Library. Killed the deer just fine, but I wouldn't want to hit one in the shoulder with the 200 after that experience. Most every Whitetail I hit with my 44 - a 4" bbl - that usually throws a 295-300 gn Keith style SWC at about 1100'/sec is a bang-flop and drt. After the movie was released, the Seasoned shooters compare handgun hunting to bow hunting. Or should a heavier bullet be used?I have use it in 240 gr in 44 and 158gr in 357mag on a lot of deer and hogs with good results fla deer are a lot smaller than ny deerMy Marlin shoots the 240's best. After two years I tried several different bullets and the only one that was worse was some bulk Winchester 240gr SJHP that didn't expand over bore diameter on a doe at 25yds. If the .44 Mag is too much to handle, shooters may elect to use a .44 S&W Special, a smaller cartridge that has less recoil. It expands just as well as the 240 but with more bullet shank behind it. Once the XTPs were introduced we went to the 240s and stayed there. Welcome Guest. The slead pulled pretty easy I am glad he didn't weight 200 lbIt could have been shot placement. It has six expanding copper petals guaranteed to take down medium to large prey. I then shot a hog at about the same range and struck the shoulder blade angled towards the head. Tonight I shot a small Buck at 130y stepped off with My TC contender scoped. Those people who will not be governed by God will be ruled by tyrants. The notched lead core delivers superior accuracy and weight retention. He ran about 100yrd in the field and disappeared by the creek.

Hunting with a handgun is a love/ hate I hurt all over from the drag out about a 1/2 mile through 6 to 8 inches snow.
You may or may not be getting 1200fps at the muzzle of that Contender.Personal opinion is a good thing, and everyone is entitled to one. The 240 gr. It’s slightly more expensive than the Remington, but also more powerful. I normally shoot 270 Deep Curl or 280 LFN out of my rifles... thought the shorter bullet would fit the magazines better...and perhaps the little Ruger may like them as well.

A friend of mine shot a whitetail doe a few years ago with one out of a marlin rifle. I normally reload heavier bullets for hunting... Will be shooting them in Ruger 77/44 where OAL is an issue with some loads... looks like the FTX will be good for that when case is trimmed to shorter length as suggested.The FTX bullets are pretty fragile. The buck was down within 15 yds - absolutely nothing wrong with that but, if you are worried about the performance of the bullet I will tell you the same dang thing I tell everyone else - go to either a Keith style or a LBT cast slug at or near 240 - 250 gns moving at about 11-1200'/sec and you should not then worry about bullet performance. But you do need two holes and complete pass through of the vitals your aiming for.

I guess next summer I will work up a new load. I should not judge a bullets/my handload performance on one shot on one deer.first thing id do is run them loads over a chronograph. Both must take place in close range. Recoil was much better and grouped well. I like hornady xtp bullets but I'm open to suggestions. Have any of you folks use Hornady 240 XTP HP out of A 44mag rifle on deer? i have had pass throughs on deer and on some russian pigs at over 100 yards with these bullets. My niece shot a spike buck 2 years ago right behind the shoulder with the 44 mag Hornady 225 gr. The XTP is a good bullet for the money.Use that bullet exclusively in my 629 Classic with WW296 powder. I will be using the Hornady 158 grain XTP in the revolvers and 180 grain Hornady XTP in the rifle. the Hornady bullets are better and the Sierra bullets start to fail if they hit heavy bone.I agree with the others, you need to bump up the velocity if your going to use the XTP 240 grain bullets. Which one do I want.

Right on the edge of the creek. on WT deer? So i had to move on to 45 cal version 300gr. Find a Retailer {gallery.thumbs[galindex].description}} Previous +-Next. I felt that I did not practice as much as I should after ten or so shots I would start to pull my shots. It offers about 30% penetration as a typical flat-nosed bullet, perfect for shallow game like whitetail deer, medium-sized pigs, and black bear. This large bore cartridge is precise, offering as much as a 90% accuracy rate. Best .44 Mag Ammo for Hunting.

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