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Ever since, I’ve wondered about houseplants that are safe for my cat. My cat destroyed mine but didn't suffer any GI distress. Leafs, stalk, pulled out to mess with roots. My Roommate next year has a kitty of her own and I want to make sure I keep her safe and can continue my plant collection!seems like a cool list i normally try to keep my plants out of reach of them.. My big cat ate some of my spider plant. Cat Safe Plants. and plantsThose are on my list. Some are safe, some are not. )As for pet safe, the spider plant should be safe, I think? However, there are house plants that we keep that pose significant health challenges to cats due to their toxicity. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcutsCookies help us deliver our Services. Just get those with spikes that are staying in place, not those tiny hair like spikes that stay in anything that touches the plant...I also have a cat and got a spiderplant + parlor palm, kangaroo paw fern, prayer plant. I have a few different "palms", cacti, pothos, spider plant, dragon trees, arrowhead plant, and english ivy. My local nursery told me this actually wasn't important and I could get plants toxic for cats and just sort of watch them, but after the palm I don't want to risk any issues. Hello! (and quite the fun plant imo! I love pothos and philodendrons but both are super toxic. So I gave the plant to a pet-free home, where it can live un-munched!My parlor plant got chewed on (with no sign of discomfort on the cat's side) until I moved it to where they can't reach.They seem to mostly prefer "swaying leaf" plants if you know what I mean. I am a longtime cat lady, newer plant lady, and have been slowly building up my collection of cat-safe plants. Can you give me any insight? Cats are living creatures that need to be taken good care of their owners. I have one cat who will chew on anything - I even have to hide my shoes from him.I get so confused because the ASPCA and Cal Poison lists definitely conflict a lot. Ignore username; boyfriend jokingly suggested it and I immediately used it so joke's on him. So I just make sure to keep those in hanging planters in corners with no 'ramp' or access point for my cat to jump into them.Spider plants actually have a slightly hallucinogenic effect on cats when ingested. After all, your little furry friend demands your attention, you don’t have time to endlessly care for a plant too! To help you select the best cat-friendly plant for your home we’ve included the scientific name to prevent any identification mix-ups. As are Dracaenas (Dracaena cvv. I’ve seen a few questions on here by other cat owners, and have often seen commenters recommend toxic plants or blow off concerns that cats might chew on their owner’s toxic plants.

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I’ve seen a few questions on here by other cat owners, and have often seen commenters recommend toxic plants or blow off concerns that cats might chew on their owner’s toxic plants. (I can't remember which ones I have, but th big and fast growing one. My intent with this list was to provide people with some suggestions for safe plants to look for so they don't get frustrated with the endless Pothos and Philodendrons easily found for sale.I keep seeing jade listed as poisonous, but the latin name you used is different.

I also want to share a couple useful resources for looking up specific plants you may be considering adding to your cat-friendly home.

There are lots of succulents and some cacti that are safe, and their natural protections often protect them from being eaten. There are plenty of plants called "Lily".

and continued to trip balls. First post, ever, on reddit.

I've been thus far finding plants I think look neat, then checking sites like the aspca to see if they're safe for cats and then examining their care to see if I can do it. I would rather not expose my cats to ANY toxic plants, even ones that are just "unpleasant." I was wondering if anyone had an easy access list or some ideas off the top of their heads of plants they know are safe for cats, to make the search a bit easier than going one by one. Rest of my apartment faces inside the building beside a regular sized window in a 2nd bedroom that I'm not sure is enough light.Anyways, I got a parlor palm and my cats ate it, completely. got sick as heck too. The Latin name is going to be the most specific.For example, I might not know what an Aglaonema or Chinese evergreen is, but I will know if I have Also, a few plants you listed as dangerous are actually safe:Poinsettias (Euphorbia pulcherrima) are a bit of an oddball.

But yeah, imperfect system. You might be talking about Thanks for the feedback. Here is a list of 18.

Both the parlor plant and the dracena was fun to chew on because the leaves where skinny and swaying.I have some other plants that are toxic, in theory, but they have never showed any interest in these (and some will claim that even if they are toxic, they will either taste too bad for cats to bother chewing or eating much, or the amount they have to eat will be too great to pose any threat. I'm not even sure if my apartment is okay for plants (one wall-length sliding glass window/double doors south facing in the living room that leads to a balcony.) What houseplants are toxic to cats? (check ASPCA website for more).I had a dracena, which the cats ate.

r/whatsthisplant: A subreddit for the identification of plants. This is the most comprehensive list I've seen so far and it was fun googling what these different plants look like. You can always use shelves, tall stands, or plant hangers for dangerous or tempting plants.I run a humidifier once or twice a week since it is so dry right now. I have no idea about this, but as long as my cats don't care about the plants, I'll continue to keep them.The plants in question, that can cause harm (that I know of/have been told), are monstera, jade plant, aloe vera, zamioculcas and pothos/philodendron. I am a longtime cat lady, newer plant lady, and have been slowly building up my collection of cat-safe plants.

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