how can you refine the focus or emphasis of your essay

You might like to choose one of the following: e-mail, junk mail, personal letter, company report, social networking page, local newspaper, bulletin-board posting, or public notice. I argue that it is ridiculous to fix something that isn’t broken. Choose a children’s story that is suitable for eight- to ten-year-olds.

They can be written about any subject; a place, person, animal, event, thing, or memory. Take another look at Naomi’s essay on the government bailout.The underlined words are all prepositional phrases. There was a lake there in which my brother and I loved to explore from time to time. Your choice of theme will depend on the essay question. It will take some real effort on your part and you may have to make some changes to some of your daily habits. Read this excerpt from Joshua’s essay.This section examines several ways to combine sentences with coordination and subordination, using Joshua’s essay as an example.Coordination joins two independent clauses that contain related ideas of equal importance.In their current form, these sentences contain two separate ideas that may or may not be related. into their writing by varying sentence style and structure. How to use emphasis in a sentence. If it does not ensure you, delete or rephrase the sentence to ensure they relate to the topic sentence.Put more attention to the kind of language used in the sentence. Creative Commons supports free culture from music to education. always end your essay in a way that reinforces your thesis and purpose.

For more information on the source of this book, or why it is available for free, please see Have you ever ordered a dish in a restaurant and been not happy with its taste, even though it contained most of your favorite ingredients? How to Focus Your Essay and Respond to the Essay PromptOne of the characteristics of a good essay is that it should be focused on a single major point and develops that point of view fully. Now, read the revised sentence:The revised sentence explains the relationship between Bridget’s desire to take part in the next Olympics and her daily training. Highlight areas of each writing sample that you would edit for sentence variety and explain why. Sometimes, rearranging a sentence corrects faulty parallelism.To see examples of parallelism in use, read some of the great historical speeches by rhetoricians such as Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr. Notice how they use parallel structures to emphasize important points and to create a smooth, easily understandable oration.Here is a link to text, audio, video, and the music of Martin Luther King’s speech “I Have a Dream”: Speechwriters use parallelism not only within sentences but also throughout paragraphs and beyond. Then copy the combined sentence onto your own sheet of paper.Please share with a classmate and compare your answers.When writing an essay or a report, it is important that you do not use excessive coordination. The humidity and water drops where reminiscent of a fully functional sauna. Start with focusing on both the key points of information to be conveyed as well as the many details which make the narrative essay interesting. Writers often mistakenly believe that this technique makes the text more clear for the reader, but the result is a choppy, unsophisticated paragraph that does not grab the audience’s attention. If a paragraph contains two sentence topics, you must separate them into two separate paragraphs.If the topic sentences in each paragraph do not have any relationship with the thesis, statement ensures you cut them out. Instead, wait a few hours--even a day or two, if possible--in order to gain some distance from your work. A To connect two sentences using a relative clause, substitute the subject of one of the sentences (Relative clauses are a useful way of providing additional, nonessential information in a sentence. Additionally, per the publisher's request, their name has been removed in some passages. The first key, or element, of a compelling essay is a strong theme.

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