how can you tell that lynxes feed almost exclusively on snowshoe hares

5. Look at the graph… The Lynx line directly, immediately and perfectly follows (shadows) the Hare line.

Donate In times of food shortage the adult lynxes can survive but their kittens often do not.

In northern parts of its habitat, the lynx will feed almost exclusively on the snowshoe hare, although south of Canada border, where the snowshoe hare is rarer, the lynxes have a more varied diet.

But they can access the Canadian lynx's winter habitat along trails of hard-packed snow created by snowmobiles.

These allow an estimate of the total population of Canada lynx and comparison of changes over an extended period - the record keeping started in 1730. A unique feature of the Canada lynx is its long legs and very large broad, furry feet (the fur is on top and on the pads).

With its large “snowshoe” hind feet, this hare can bound 12 feet (3.6 meters) in a single leap, even in deep snow.Still, lynxes specialize in hunting rabbits. The northern study of lynx, hares and great-horned owls is an attempt to understand more about the intriguing boom and bust life cycles of both hares and lynx.

Over time, a clearer picture of Minnesota’s lynx has emerged.Superior National Forest wildlife biologist Dan Ryan coordinates lynx tracking efforts and helps maintain the existing database and recently released a summary of 2019 DNA database and population monitoring.

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