how did amanda todd die

Who knows how many other people he is doing that to? This selfish son-of-a-***** needs to show himself. She failed. She cried in regards to the bullies, well she doesn't recognize bullies from the Taliban.

She is a victim of dumbass parents not teaching their child about REALITY... furthermore, SHE CHOSE to act like a slut during the webcam ordeal, SHE WAS NOT FORCED in anyway whatsoever by ANYONE, so from the get go, she created the foundation for all the crap that became the house and bed she had to lay in...SHE MADE EVERY SINGLE CHOICE OF HER OWN DOWNFALL FREELY AND WILLINGLY. Favourite answer. 7 years ago. She made a big mistake and she also admitted it, but a human shouldn't have to commit suicide just over a mistake. I feel so bad about Amanda Todd, but how did she die? She talked about drinking bleach before and cutting herself but I don't know how she actually died.All of the people are making a big deal about the bleach because even when she moved away, her bullies would tag her in pictures of bleach and taunt her with that. It was the police and they said your picture is out. I believe she hanged herself.

How did Amanda Todd die? The message was from him and he said if you don’t put on a show I will send the picture.

8 years ago. So one day she was on an online website and she had met a guy that was older than her but yet she hadn’t known. I wish i could have known her. And this is my point of why bullying needs more discipline in all schools.Poisoned herself with bleach. Amanda todd was an angel she did nothing to deserve what happened to her. That is a display of pure stupid ignorance on her part... not to mention the pansy *** way kids are catered to this generation... society has created dumbass kids who cant deal w life outside a computer or other electronic brainwashing... kids have no balls these days... if its to tough the first time they try they are allowed to give up and quit... WHAT KIND OF A MORONIC LOSER SOCIETY WOULD WANT TO BREED WEAK AND USELESS OFFSPRING?? I may only be 13 but i know that there is more to be done than what is already done.I understand why Amanda took her own life.i went through the something she did.i may have not flashed my man land on line but then we didn't have the internet in my day,but still bullying is still bullying no matter when it happens or how does it.you get to a point where you can't take it anymore and at that age its your whole world.my deepest sympathy's goes out to the Todd family.i only wished I seen that video when it first came out I would have dropped everything and went to Canada and tried to help her in someway.i cried so hard when I had heard what and the way it happened.i can't even look at a picture of her on the net and enormous regret that I could have done something to help.so please to all the youths out there believe in yourself and remember you do are special and you do matter.The commandment "Thou shalt now kill", means Thou Shalt Not Destroy Some One's Reputation. And they are continuing to do so, even after the poor girl's death.Gawd awful stupid decision; gawd awful way to do it.I feel for her family but I have no sympathy for a cadaver. As juvenile as Amanda Todd was once, I observed her moves selfish, and when I see teens like Malala combat for her life just to move to university?

I'm just curious as to how she killed herself. So she did threw her on the ground and punched her so badly she was so bruised and they just left her.

But he outsmarted her and she sent the picture to him, they didn’t talk for a year and then she got a message on facebook. Wiki User.

Answer Save. 0 3 0. Amanda Michelle Todd (born November 27, 1996) committed suicide on October 10, 2012 at the age of 15 at her home in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada.She was a sophomore when she died. Darn shame. She cried every night. Gawd terrible stupid choice; gawd awful way to do it. NO MATTER hat ANYONE SAID, no one physically assisted in her death, aside from herself.

One person said someone just punch her already.

She started cutting so much and did drugs, and drank alcohol. One mistake. R.I.P.

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