how do amish keep from inbreeding

And we need to consider it!Many pedigree breeds of dog have some serious health problems that affect a significant proportion of the population.We do need to think hard about the price our beloved dogs may be paying.The cost for the benefits we gain from being able to produce dogs which are predictable in appearance and temperament.There are already grave concerns about several of our popular breeds.Unless our registers are opened up, it is likely that the accelerating loss of genetic material will continue to worsen and affect more breeds in the future.Obviously we want to retain the benefits of producing our favorite breeds and to preserve their characteristics for our children and grandchildren to enjoy.And it is entirely possible to do this with the careful and judicious use of outcrossingIt may be that breeding within closed registers is simply not sustainable in the long term.And this is something that we need to be talking about more widely.Much of this information is only just becoming more widely understood and discussed.There are many issues to consider, much to learn, and to understand.There is no doubt that those who have influence over our dog breeders (including breed clubs and the Indeed it is possible that for some breeds, like the lovely spaniel in photo above, it may already be too late.We can only hope that those with power over breeding practices will rise to the challenge and make what may be unpopular decisions where necessary.If you are a puppy buyer you can vote with your feet.Put pressure on your Kennel Club by asking them to consider outcrossing in breeds that are in an unhealthy condition.And needs to be a more widespread and frequent practice.If you are a breeder, you have the power to influence the future health of our dogs.It is therefore crucial that you understand the principles of population genetics.The Institute of Canine Biology is a great place to begin, and Are you concerned about the health and future of our pedigree breeds?Would you like to see pedigree registers opened up and a certain amount of cross-breeding permitted?Can you think of other ways in which we could preserve our breed characteristics without losing even more genetic material?Dog training and behavior expert Pippa Mattinson is the author of best selling dog books including The Happy Puppy Handbook, The Labrador Handbook and Total Recall.I breed golden retrievers – I have a well balanced 4 yr. old male and clearances on everything – A female who turns out to be his cousin who is a first time mom.
But for so many years, the Amish have had no names for these disorders.Amish represent a collection of different demes or genetically closed communities. That means one or more of their parents are first cousins to each other. “Twin studies” is another tool scientists use to get answers to the same kinds of questions. But no, the Amish is a very closed religion. Amish and related groups have been assisted by outsiders in treating genetic problems. Here’s a link: http://articles.philly.com/2011-12-26/news/30559240_1_mennonite-families-biological-mother-janelle Besides the Jews and Hispanic Jewish-descended populations, other groups having genetic problems due to endogamy are New England Puritans, Romani Gypsies, French-Canadians and Middle Eastern Christians.
Pretty scientific approach, and I think they have a pretty good handle on the genealogy, fwiw. Most families do not have such diseases despite having first cousins marry each other multiple times (like my mother’s father’s family).

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