how does connectivism inform assessment

Siemens, G. (2008b). They were allowed to use any resource they had access to, but they only had 10 minutes to complete the task.

This involves higher-level thinking skills such as evaluation, analysis and creation (Bloom, 1956). I had the privilege of being a guest instructor recently at the University of MShortly after I arrived in Monterrey, I was contacted by instructor,Mónica Quintanilla, who was interested in having me talk to her class about the theory of connectivism. Data is a powerful teaching tool. Message posted to Basic mathematical facts come to mind. I would then choose my method of travel based on their findings. First, connectivism is characterized as the enhancement of how a student learns with the knowledge and perception gained through the addition of a personal network (Siemens, 2004).

In my mind, the implications are profound. Is it necessary, or even relevant, to continue assessing students with instruments designed for low-level thinking skills such as memorization and recall?This is certainly not a new idea. In the U.S., for instance, nearly 65% of 4th grade readers are NOT proficient in reading. Engelhart, M.D., Furst, E.J., Hill, W.H., Krathwohl, D.R.

What they realized, however, was in order to find the specific information that met my criteria they needed further knowledge of how to access the best information. This, of course, is not easy to do. Connectivism as a learning theory is not free of criticism. At one time such assessment tended to be largely limited to the end of formal schooling (e.g. Siemens believes that the design of learning spaces “should allow learners to . It’s difficult to find the time to read students’ files, but if you haven’t before, trust me, it’s well worth it. In this era of ubiquitous information, wouldn’t it make more sense to assess students on their ability to access and make meaning of the information they need in order to solve a problem or complete a challenge? Let's begin with a brief description of four well-known theories about how people learn. This is not to say that things should no longer be committed to memory. Behaviorism: Learning is a response to external stimuli. Siemens suggests that education has taken the wrong approach. This does not suggest that all curriculum be abandoned but that design of a connectivist learning environment should “balance the needs and intent of the designer with the end user” (Siemens, 2007). (1956). Connectivism’s focus on connections requires that learners be exposed to elements that extend beyond the classroom and allow for real-life experience (Siemens, 2003). I see this as a fundamental shift in student assessment. Traditionally exam boards are more concerned with summative assessment - assessment which is designed to provide a measure of achievement at the end of a course of teaching/learning. Learning and knowing in networks: Changing roles for educators and designers. Assessment data—whether from formative assessment or interim assessments like MAP® Growth™—can empower teachers and school leaders to inform instructional decisions. A healthy vocabulary, basic scientific concepts, certain phone numbers and the names of our children are just a few things we need commit to memory. One way to do this is through the theory of connectivism. Much information is found in these files. The resultsof this challenge were interesting, and in my mind further legitimized the theory of connectivism. There are certainly more things to add to this list, but the bigger question, I think, is how much of the content we teach still needs to be memorized by our students?I also think it is very important to question the appropriateness of assessing our students in isolation, with no resources other than their memories.

Some of these ways we can predict, but others we can only imagine.

As educators, it is critical that we accept this fact and assure we are properly preparing our students.

This was the perfect opportunity to delve into the theory a little deeper and fine-tune some of my own thoughts on the subject.Connectivism is a theory that describes learning as a process of accessing and connecting information that is distributed throughout a networked environment (Something else I have to take into consideration is the change in the The last aspect I have to consider is my ability to make meaning of the information I am accessing. Challenges in regard to whether or not connectivism should be considered a new learning theory have been raised by Plon Verhagen, professor of Educational Design at the University of Twente also contends that connectivism is not a learning theory. Without these elements, courses cannot keep up with the pace of learner’s needs.

Siemens defines an ecology as a dynamic, rich, and continually evolving system (Siemens, 2005). This network, this connectedness, is going to continue to grow and strengthen in a variety of ways. If a large number of students don’t do well on a high-stakes assessment, we need to reflect back on the teaching and make necessary adjustments in the future. Educators have been creating instruments that assess higher-order thinking skills for decades.

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