how does the poem hangman relate to the holocaust

The only reason why we arnt helping is because it doesn't effect us yet. The same people who stand as bystanders complain they never have anybody stand up for them when they are in the same situation. I agree with Sarah's question if the game Hangman and the poem are related because in the game, you choose letters at random, and here in the poem, the town was trying to guess on who the person was. The only way to stop bad things from repeating itself, is to stand up for each other. Poetry Units: The Hangman by Maurice Ogden Poetry Activity Printables Printables Multiple choice, short answer questions, and writing questions - you can print the unit along with the poem "The Hangman" review activity printable - print all section questions at once (options for multiple keys) If the good men do nothing and make no attempt to halt the evil, then the evil will triumph as a result of this lack of action.Essay about relating quote to the poem "The Hangman".

The Hangman relates to our society because usually people stay silent when bad things are happening.I think legal immigrants should be should be stood up for because they have worked hard to get their freedom and become us citizens. And the sober citizens can't fight back against people that are designated to kill them. The thing about this poem is that all but one or two people stood back and watched. Figurative language is used in this short story to give a valid picture of what the men are going through by comparing something that the reader probably hasn't seen. The fundamentalists bring fear, destruction and fear to their people, and we as Americans felt like the radicalism wouldn't and couldn't touch us because we did nothing wrong, just like the townspeople did in the story. Standing up brings a conjecture of what needs to be done differently or fixed permanently.

so maybe we should try to help the people being attacked instead of just saying all of them are terrorists because apparently not if they are the ones getting killed.The Hangman relates to life or death. I see racism in the world today.

A movie still showing the Hangman waiting for his final victim next to the gallows from the animated film featuring the poem "The Hangman" by Maurice Ogden, written in 1951. So as long as they aren't the ones being targeted, its okay.Hangman is relevant to contemporary society because it mimics the actions of the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin. (Edmund Burke). 1 decade ago. The story The Hangman relates to Middle Eastern society and how we look at it. At the end, it's revealed that the Undertaker was there for the entire town. We get nowhere by this system, and let the powerful control which way we live. Since people didn't speak out, the hangman could do whatever he wanted. What choices are left by the time he has finished his work in the town? 0.

To stand up for what is right c. This poem relates to the Holocaust and how Hitler, just like the Hangman… Or they are killing simply because they just want to. It is a metaphor for how the countries watched and let their neighbors be killed for no reason, except for … Other countries saw the indifference as a reason not to get involved if the Allies didn't. Its plot concerns a hangman who arrives in a town and executes the citizens one by one. like in the hunger games when Katniss got every on together to help stop the president from making another hunger game to help prevent all of the kids that would die because they got picked to go into the game The Hangman is similar to our current society. Nobody stands up for those being prosecuted for thought crime against the government, so the punishment is later passed on to them.

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