how far should a 1000 watt hps light be from plants

Don’t peak until you know it’s time for the lights to be on.An HPS (high pressure sodium) light, which is very common in indoor grows, will help your plants produce lots and lots of buds.

When it comes to HID grow lights, it's best to keep them at least 12" (30cm) away from your plants at all times. If you get all of those factors right, then ‘bam’, you’re going to have a lot of pot using a 1000-watt grow light!The nice thing about weed though, is it produces regardless of the lighting provided. “LEC grow lights” are only sold by Sun System because the term “LEC” is trademarked by them. Another simpler option is to just trim back fan leaves from the plant. These are just two different ways to describe the same grow light technology.

Many things can affect the optimal distance from plants, including the individual size of each LED bulb and the way the manufacturer used lenses to reflect light downwards at your plants.Different models of LEDs have different optimal distancesThe reason this can be such a problem with LEDs is it can take a few weeks before your plant really starts to show symptoms. This is a sign the plant is experiencing light stress and the grow light should be moved up several inches.Light Bleaching – Although it was a comfortable temperature in the grow space, the grow light was too close, which caused the yellow leaves and bleaching on the budsThis field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.You get bigger yields and more potent buds by using powerful grow lights and keeping them Keep Fluorescent Grow Lights As Close As You Can to Cannabis Plants Without It Getting Too Hot! They do cost a bit more to purchase than an LED grow light.If you are using a tent, you will want to have inline ventilation, if using an HPS. Usually the upper leaves are affected first (yellowing or turning brown or spots) by too-close LEDs, but symptoms can also affect other parts of the plant.Depending on the make and model, there’s a lot of difference in operating different LED grow lights, but if you weren’t given any instructions with the light, here’s a quick reference guide:Powerful LED grow lights need to be kept relatively far away from your plants to prevent light burnAs long as it’s not too hot, you basically can’t give your cannabis too much light with these types of grow lights. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. I am compensated for referring traffic and business to Amazon and other companies linked to on this site. Giddy up!The truth though (yes, here comes the ‘party pooper’ moment) is that every grow you do will provide different amounts of marijuana. Especially if you are in Canada and get to grow 4 plants at a time.

It is the light spectrum that does. This means HPS is a preferred light for the flowering (budding) stage.HPS are really good lights. The stronger the light, the further you'll need to hang it, so if you have a 1000w you may want to hang it at least 15" (38cm) away. HPS lights are suitable for both the vegetative and flowering stage of cannabis growth and the light they give off encourages plants to quickly grow tall and produce big buds. A 1000-watt light will provide lots of light for those plants and your crop should be plentiful.This site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. I grew 2 sativa plants that reached a height of approximately 5’ in a 6sq’ area before they were harvested.

What else is getting better and better is the cost of purchasing newer technology like LED grow lights, for example. Recently, they almost always come in 315W or 630W sizes so they can compete more directly with the branded LECs.Regardless of the name, LEC grow lights are basically a hybrid between Metal Halide and HPS grow lights. Put your buds in this “sweet spot” light level zone, and they’ll reward you!Notice with these plants how all the top buds are big, while the lower buds are smaller. If the light bothers your hand after 30 seconds, it may bother your plants!LEC grow lights are surprisingly powerful and must be used with caution to prevent light burn, especially with seedlings and strains that tend to be more sensitive to light. The distance needed between an LED and the top of the plants varies quite a bit from model to model and from manufacturer to manufacturer. It is a type of Metal Halide bulb that is constructed with ceramic like an HPS. I just think it’s important to talk to you just like I would tell one of my friends, in person, what they might expect using 1000 watt grow lights.

. Using the more powerful 1000-watt light just gives you the opportunity to really enlarge those buds.A 1000-watt grow light will cover most floor space in the average grow tents. HID grow lights like Metal Halide and HPS (High Pressure Sodium) are the most widely-used and debatably the highest-yielding grow lights available for growing cannabis.

Both the “CMH” grow lights have been around for many years, and used to come in typical HID sizes like 400W, 600W and 1000W. As a result, the top buds and leaves on that plant got burnt and/or bleached.In addition to the wattage, it’s important to realize thatIf you’re using new bulbs, never start closer than the “~Sunlight” distance on the chart and only move lights closer if your plants are stretching towards the light (getting tall and lanky).If you’re using older MH/HPS bulbs, you should replace them if you can, but if that’s not possible you can keep your bulbs closer to help make sure your plants are still getting good light levels.

Even if you were on the lower end, that’s still about 17 ounces.

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