how many incas did the spanish kill on november 16 1532

Nearly a year later, after Atahualpa filled a room with gold and silver to ransom himself, Pizarro had the native leader executed on August 29, 1533.534 – The final Codex Justinianus is completed, later serving as law for church and private proceedings1272 – King Henry III of England dies while is son, Edward I, is away for the Ninth Crusade1849 – Fyodor Dostoevksy is sentenced to death for anti-government activities, though he later serves in a work camp instead1852 – English astronomer John Russell Hind discovers 22 Kalliope, an asteroid1938 – Hallucinogenic drug LSD is synthesized by Swiss chemist Dr. Albert HofmannNovember 15 1864 CE – Union General William Tecumseh Sherman Begins His March to the Sea by Burning AtlantaNovember 16 1532 CE – Francisco Pizarro Captures the Inca Emperor Atahualpa When has it ever happened, either in ancient or modern times, that such amazing exploits have been achieved? However, Inca revolts such as these were of a small-scale and short-lived, and the Incas leadership did not have the full support of all its subject peoples. In front of the Koch, Peter O. Pizarro sent Hernando De Soto, Friar Vicente de Valverde and a small group of men to make first contact and extend an offer to gather together in the city. The effect was devastating, the shocked Incas offered such feeble resistance that the battle has often been labeled a The majority of Atahualpa's troops were in the Cuzco region along with Quisquis and Challcuchima, the two generals he trusted the most. However, in 1535 he was left in Cuzco under the control of Pizarro's brothers, Juan and Gonzalo, who so mistreated Manco Inca that he ultimately rebelled. After securing victory at the Battle of Quipaipan in late April, Atahualpa had solidified his position on the throne and turned to face the threat posed by the Spanish.Pizarro, for his part, was hoping to seize upon the divided nation as a means to conquer the natives with less effort. In the midst of a civil war with armies led by his brother Huascar, the Inca Emperor had other things to focus on. Though the historical accounts relating to these circumstances vary, the true motivations for the attack seemed to be a desire for loot and flat-out impatience, in that the Inca did not adequately understand the conquistadors ' demands.

As Pizarro and his men took over portions of South America, they plundered and enslaved countless people. Hoping to convince the Inca Emperor to surrender peacefully, the Spanish leader still organized his men for an attack.Early in the afternoon of November 16, 1532, Atahualpa followed a long procession of his men — warriors in fine dress with weapons hid beneath their clothes — through the jungle and into the center of Cajamarca. When the Spanish arrived at the borders of the Inca Empire in 1528, it spanned a considerable area and was by far the largest of the four grand pre-Columbian civilizationsExpansion had resulted in its own problems.

How many Spaniards attacked the Inca Atahualpa and his men on November 16, 1532? Almagro's loyal followers and his descendants later avenged his death by killing Pizarro in 1541. For we have destroyed by our evil behaviour such a government as was enjoyed by these natives. Thus the Spanish conquest was achieved through relentless force, and deception, aided by factors like smallpox and a great communication and cultural divide. Upon reaching the square, he found no one. In any case, a 1981 study by N. D. Cook the shows that the Andes suffered from three separate population declines during colonization. They were told that Atahualpa had ordered secret attacks and his warriors were hidden in the surrounding area. I beg God to pardon me, for I am moved to say this, seeing that I am the last to die of the Conquistadors." Though the historical accounts relating to these circumstances vary, the true motivations for the attack seemed to be a desire for loot and flat-out impatience, in that the Inca did not adequately understand the Conquistadores' demands. Huáscar had himself proclaimed The civil war between Atahualpa and Huascar weakened the empire immediately prior to its struggle with the Spanish. By 3 May 1533 Pizarro received all the treasure he had requested; it was melted, refined, and made into bars.The question eventually came up of what to do with Atahualpa; both Pizarro and Soto were against killing him, but the other Spaniards were loud in their demands for death. Their undoing also resulted from a lack of self-confidence, and a desire to make public demonstration of fearlessness and godlike command of situation.The battle began with a shot from a cannon and the battle cry During Atahualpa's captivity, the Spanish, although greatly outnumbered, forced him to order his generals to back down by threatening to kill him if he did not.

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