how much to charge for youtube video editing

(Doesn't have to be the company or a video like what you're working on). Assess your personal finances.

It can also be helpful to explain why you are charging a specific rate — whether it be helping them to understand the market value or clarifying the full range of services you are covering. Videomaker – Learn video production and editing, camera reviews › Forums › General › Video and Film Discussion › How much to charge for use of amature footage This topic has 1 reply, 8 voices, and was last updated 2 years, 8 months ago by esfingecolibri.

Now that we’ve laid the groundwork with a few billing principles let’s look at the steps you can take to set your freelance video editing rates.Before you set your video editing rates, it’s important to take a look at your When you rely on freelance work to pay the bills, it’s crucial you know how much money you need to maintain your lifestyle. Every project is different, but learning how long it takes you to complete certain aspects of the work will help you estimate for future jobs. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Second, as anyone who’s worked in the production world for any amount of time knows, If you think that sounds rather similar to what the event videographers were saying, it’s because it holds true across the business sectors. Some of these editors focus strictly on the creative cut, while others deliver a broadcast-ready final. Perhaps provide a sample of a video. But the truth is when you talk about rates, everyone benefits. At the beginning of your video editing career or when you first start Many video editing clients prefer flat-rate billing on projects. I just did two interviews at a recent event that a client wants for their channel. I revisit my rates with clients annually to ensure I am accurately valuing my work overtime, and my clients are not caught off guard. Going back to the three principles I mentioned earlier, communicating the rates you set can’t be skipped. Issues like projects growing in scope, indecisive clients or unforeseen technical problems can certainly pop up,  but the first step to mitigating misquoting is having a solid grasp how much time your work takes.The worst case scenario when you rely on freelance income is getting into a billing dispute with a client that ties up your funds. If each 10 min compilation is going to require you sifting through multiple hours of raw footage then you'll need to take that into consideration when you set a price. © Copyright 2020 All Rights Reserved. That helps me know what to quote when I receive similar project requests. After all, not everyone can do what you can! And it almost (but not quite) goes without saying that these editors are masters of timing.

And while he knows that it’s important to remain malleable personally and collaboratively, if he feels himself getting stuck creatively, he’ll move on to something more fulfilling.
Along the way, she, too, has taken projects that have paid less in order to build her reel.She, along with several other editors, acknowledges how difficult it can be to find out the going rates for different industry segments, and (like other editors we spoke with) says that it’s common for editors to have different rates for different types of projects. There is no set time.
(That's in Canadian dollars.) One pays me a flat rate per month and the other pays per hour. In fact, he attributes all of his success to his passionate pursuit of his career; and he’s managed to not get pigeonholed as “just” an animation cutter, or a comedy guy, or a documentary guy. Research and talk to others in your field to find out what the going rate for video editing services are. He’s had an unorthodox career path, starting out as an engineer but pursuing his desire to make motion pictures, and his passion for storytelling has never diminished. One guy rehearsed, had three clips to edit it took 15 minutes.

There is no set time. Viewing 10 reply threads Author Posts September 7, 2012 […] An editorial house will probably already have a pay range in mind, and they will also likely have the ability to judge the quality of your skills. But everyone is going to be slightly different.New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast/r/videography is a community for videographers of all skill levels in fields such as weddings, events, live performances, music videos, TV, corporate, live streaming, sports, real estate, YouTube, home videos and more.Press J to jump to the feed. Dividing that amount by the number of hours you can tangibly work in a month will help you establish an earnings baseline that will pay those bills.All of the questions we have as video editors have likely been answered by others on the same path. It helps them keep their budget manageable and predictable. Info courtesy of Blue Collar Post Collective.Unscripted, often underfunded, and frequently fraught with problems in coverage, picture, and sound quality, The good news for documentary editors is that as the people who are responsible for finding the story in what can be a vast amount of footage, they often have the ability to work from their home studios and spend less face time with clients. Yes, they look good on reels. Those in the medical field know what’s considered “reasonable and customary”; plumbers, cabinet makers, and roofers are aware of the going rates in their markets; even body modifiers and tattoo artists can easily find out how much their competition is charging. In other words, if you look back at the fast, cheap, good model, When negotiating your rate for a documentary, keep that in mind.

While Yes, they’re fun to work on. Wondering how I can determine my rate for someone wanting me to edit their YouTube channel. These tips are flexible enough to apply to most freelancers in the creative industry, so stay tuned even if video editing isn’t your forte.The number one reason video editors are afraid to aim high with a rate they can command, is they fear losing out on work. Once you’ve established your standard rates, the first order of business is to inform your regular clients and have them confirm so that everyone is on the same page. It honestly all depends how much you value your time and your work.

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