how often does a landlord have to replace carpet in ohio

We rented a house for 2 years. White carpet was in the bedroom only. She has since had her puppies and I am in the processHello. Nails from carpet tack strips can pierce a bare foot.

They have written for the LA Times, The Washington Post, President Bill Clinton's White House, Forbes, and more. If you are planning on moving into a new home, it’s something you have to seriously look into.Are there any rules on how often a landlord has to replace carpet or repaint a rental unit? We had already paid 1100 to terminate the lease.


Subscribe to our monthly newsletter and follow us on social media. How would you go about this moving forward? Most of the time, they don’t do this because it would require covering all your furniture and the carpet. Still want to keep this thread open for a few more days. The responses above are from individual Experts, not JustAnswer. The landlord came to look at the house before IMy ex-landlord has sent a list of Phony Charges of repairs to home that were not done.

I've lived in the same rental house for almost ten years and I've shampooed and taken care of the carpets as best as possible. The property was let urfurnished with some used carpets. Share this: Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) This site is not for emergency questions which should be directed immediately by telephone or in-person to qualified professionals. A landlord must replace carpet that poses these types of safety hazards.

When does the landlord have to replace carpet in a unit. I was wondering how often the landlord needs to replace carpets in NH? MyDeposits, one of the government-authorised deposit schemes, makes clear that tenants will be able to fight any deposit dispute if it can be shown that items like carpet were subject to normal wear and tear, especially if they are not at the end of their expected life.Even if a carpet is damaged so badly that you have to replace it before the end of its normal lifespan, you may not be able to claim back the full cost of replacement from the deposit held.Over 200,000 UK landlord policies, a 9/10 customer rating and claims handled by an award-winning team. His answers were excellent. Updated info -- shI moved out of an apartment in Florida.

Bad carpets are an eyesore, and make living in the apartment unpleasant. This can be a difficult decision for landlords: on the one hand, it may be tempting to have your property spruced up. Couldn't have asked for more. Otherwise, you would be responsible for the cleaning and repair of the damage caused by the dogs.One common method of calculating the deduction for replacement prorates the total cost of replacement so that the tenant pays only for the remaining useful life of the item that the tenant has damaged or destroyed.For example, if a tenant has damaged beyond repair an 8 old carpet that had a life expectancy of ten years, and that a replacement carpet of similar quality would cost $1,000. Run a quick We create this content for general information purposes and it should not be taken as advice. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the

my landlord rented to me knowing i had pets.

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The landlord could properly charge only $200 for the two years’ worth of life (use) that would have remained if the tenant had not damaged the carpet.if the carpet is 16 years old they don't have to replace it? Is the landlord responsible for replacing the carpets? I do have a carpet … Listed below are some facts you should know about carpet replacement. I paid a security and pI just moved out of a home that I was renting, the land lord kept $2500 dept. And I believe they had already signed a lease before their move in date.Ordinarily, the law would hold a tenant effectuating early termination responsible for the unit until the earlier of either expiration of the lease or its rental by another tenant.

It only takes one day two install carpet so even if it was three days pro rated from 1500 a month that's like 150.00. they are really trying to nickel and dime us, and I do not want to pay the 750.00. I did not go inside. Because of that, it can become very dirty over time. Any issues related to maintenance or upkeep? I don't have pictures of the carpet before we moved in but they were not in great condition. You can unsubscribe from these emails at any time. But you were very helpful and I will be sure to leave you a positive review Ask-a-doc Web sites: If you've got a quick question, you can try to get an answer from sites that say they have various specialists on hand to give quick answers... Justanswer.com.JustAnswer.com...has seen a spike since October in legal questions from readers about layoffs, unemployment and severance.Traffic on JustAnswer rose 14 percent...and had nearly 400,000 page views in 30 days...inquiries related to stress, high blood pressure, drinking and heart pain jumped 33 percent.Tory Johnson, GMA Workplace Contributor, discusses work-from-home jobs, such as JustAnswer in which verified Experts answer people’s questions.I will tell you that...the things you have to go through to be an Expert are quite rigorous.Hi, We spoke/chatted online last Friday. Many landlords charge tenants to pay for carpet replacement for no apparent reason. That would remain the case whether the landlord had to repair your damage or had to replace all the carpet due to ordinary wear and tear over a long period of time.Is there any further information needed or do you feel we covered it?Attorney 1 and 87 other Landlord-Tenant Specialists are ready to help youI think we are good haven't heard anything from them so I think that did it. Communication was excellent.

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