how often must a starguard lifeguard instructor be reauthorized

More Information. ���/$#�A #?&�q��R�������O���U9��߽_�A��}Άx�x%�)��0�����q� M\h'&���e�Ȳ@�A%nȲ�Ҹ��k�ڋHh�p3khJAw��4i�4�����t�|�mRS����N��q�ȯ�wLR!fM(:�9��ݳ��|��vEj��ˤ�{;M�21��t��/K��)))�@���ݡݞ�m�{�5fV�kw��q�1y$��F��-u�,�ٌ�������ST���Vm�m̫X����:�"%1�}b� ���q�N\�_i Do not yell at swimmers .

© 2020 Boy Scouts of America - All Rights Reserved 3) Never allow swimmers to use the pool until a lifeguard or instructor can guard the pool. Required student materials include the textbook StarGuard: Best Practices for Lifeguards 5th Edition with interactive web resource published by Human Kinetics, and the Competency and Performance (CAP) assessment record.

Our program employs industry-leading standards aimed at risk prevention.

SGE strives to be more than just a certification as our client family receives unparalleled support and resources. Yes! Our audit program is innovative and offers resources that can be found from no other provider.The StarGuard ELITE Lifeguard Portal is a proprietary web-based system for SGE clients to manage lifeguard certifications, audits, rescues, incidents, register for online learning, access digital books, manage inservice training, and more! Contact us for information: Tel. You have a choice and we're convinced that if you compare our services and pricing with our competitors, you'll feel compelled to make a switch.Our program is designed for any type of aquatic facility anywhere. Certified individuals must request this from the Training Center Director or the authorized Instructor who conducted the individual’s knowledge and skill competency. 4 0 obj ... A lifeguard on duty has an obligation to provide emergency care. Subscribe to RSS to stay up to date. Filter by location to see Lifeguard Instructor salaries in your area. This means that a lifeguard should act as if a victim's blood or bodily fluid is infectious, whether it really id or not. Their audit program has allowed us to ensure high quality operations across our fleet.We have been using the Starguard program for almost 20 years. As experienced aquatic facility operators, we understand the importance of being cost-competitive while providing elite service. Must possess an American Red Cross Instructor certification (LGI).

Average City of Henderson, NV Lifeguard hourly pay in the United States is approximately $8.94, which is 22% below the national average.

a. The conference is hosted in two tracks:Clients who attend CAMP return year after year to engage with other facilities, and often bring additional staff with them who work at various levels in their facilities from Lifeguard Supervisor to General Manager.Being able to train internally offers a significant recruiting advantage over other facilities in that students are no longer required to take additional time or make the investment prior to employment to obtain a certification. Training is valid for two years, provided First Aid and CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer training are kept current during that period.There are five ways to obtain a course completion card: StarGuard ELITE (SGE) is an aquatic risk prevention agency that is internationally recognized for its elite training, certification, and consulting programs serving lifeguards, management, attraction attendants, and more. Must have current First Aid and … SGE is great to work with, all the staff are super friendly and knowledgeable and always available if we have questions.cutting edge of the latest developments to be a voice and reliable partner for our clients.

No Refunds – Training deposits are nonrefundable and No refunds will be issued once course fees have been submitted.

Orland Park, IL 60642 .

Class Transfers – The class transfer fee is $45 and registered participants are required to submit a Transfer Request online at least 48 hours prior to the original class date.

4) Call swimmers to you and explain the rules when necessary. The StarGuard ELITE program is an internationally recognized program that meets or exceeds the same established industry standards contained within the programs of other aquatic risk management providers.

StarGuard ELITE collaboratively develops and implements aquatic safety solutions creating sustainable safety cultures that save lives.Through it's key partnerships, certification, memberships, and support of various aquatic industry organizations, StarGuard ELITE is on the SAI has been a thought leader and provider of aquatic safety solutions.All CPR, First Aid, and Emergency Care delivered through partnership with American Safety & Health Institute (ASHI).The StarGuard Elite team has vast experience across all aspects of the aquatic and hospitality industries across its client partners, program leaders and medical professionals.The support that we receive from our client partner and SGE has been fantastic.

Instructors certified with other agencies may qualify for reciprocity and can complete training online. b. Instructor resources include the StarGuard Instructor Guide along with ancillaries.

Combination drills are the pairing of individual drills that the lifeguard team has already become proficient in. Our client family is evenly split between public and private organizations that represent the most diverse client base of any training agency in the world.

The (most recently updated in 2017) instructor’s manual says that you must swim “demonstrating breath control and rhythmic breathing,” but it does not say you must breathe to the side perfectly on your freestyle.

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Audits are a critical component of excellent facility management and operations. 3. Instructor: Unassigned. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. A digital link will be sent to those who purchase manual.

��YwNC%G(g�����X�!8l�K;6o ����t��Y$P��ʌ���˗�*�K��E-�c�m�[52���e���]����Y��u�_n>�?�i;d_.0�"T�b7O��:��V�\�4� Y?V �&�y70��0���k5�d%�bmz�� ,�lP��� StarGuard ELITE (SGE) provides our clients with an internationally recognized lifeguard training program and many more services to support their operations. “Slight hesitation during breathing” is okay. %��������� Learn More here: Insert link to the CMAHC certfication. StarGuard Lifeguard Manuals.

�ŶO0B*����������g���7�����7Gx��u��w�P �2&�ئ�8ýd��y�i)-'t�2b�aN1�d�əe%g����,�вNdž�ƾc'U_�Z�D��:C��4�\�n��홉OLޗBwqf. Time limits on combination drills should last only up to 1½ times longer than regular drill times.

StarGuard ELITE recommends an audit program that includes both internal and external audits. If you do not have an e-mail account on file, Human Resources will send you correspondences via US Mail.

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