how old was saul when stephen was stoned

Names. The situation only grew worse for Pilate in the time between Jesus’ crucifixion and the Stephen’s stoning. [Acts 7:58–60] Saul "approved of their killing him." In the Armenian Apostolic and Armenian Catholic Churches, Saint Stephen's Day falls on 25 December – the day on which the feast of the Nativity of Jesus (Christmas) falls in all other churches.

In dioceses of the Armenian Church which use the Julian Calendar, Saint Stephen's Day falls on 7 January and Nativity/Theophany on 19 January (for the remainder of the 21st century Julian). Therefore, taking the above into account, the amount of time between the death of Jesus, and His subsequent appearance to Paul would be 8 or 9 years (28 or 29 A.D. to around 36 A.D.). Copyright © JesusAlive.cc All rights reserved

Then he knelt down and cried out with a loud voice, 'Lord, do not charge them with this sin.' (Acts 7:58) says that those who stoned Stephen "laid down their clothes at a young man's feet, whose name was Saul (Paul)." This article is about Deacon Stephen, a martyred saint. In those churches, then, the date the feast is observed is generally known as 27 December. As a result of his seeing the resurrected Jesus on the road to Damascus, Paul called himself an “Apostle” (one who has seen the risen Christ) who was “born out of due time” (1 Cor 15:8). The date of Paul’s birth is generally believed to be “around” 5 A.D., so Paul would have been in his early 30’s when Jesus appeared to him, and he became a Christian. Paul's transformation from Saul came after persecuting the church, having a vision of Christ, and being taken to the desert for two years prior to his return as a believer, and evangelist. The difference in Stephen’s case was that Stephen did not have an extensive history of antagonizing the Jewish religious leaders. It seems to be about a year. ***Note: Some believe (me included) that Paul was God’s choice to replace Judas as the 12th apostle, but those in the “upper room” got ahead of God’s timing and chose Matthias instead (Acts 1:15-26). And they stoned Stephen as he was calling on God and saying, ' Lord Jesus, receive my spirit.' His dead body was then dragged through the city gate and cast outside the walls. The exact site of Stephen's stoning is not mentioned in Acts; instead there are two different traditions. The only primary source for information about Stephen is the It seems to have been among synagogues of Hellenistic Jews that he performed his teachings and "signs and wonders" since it is said that he aroused the opposition of the "Thus castigated, the account is that the crowd could contain their anger no longer.The exact site of Stephen's stoning is not mentioned in Acts; instead there are two different traditions. One, claimed by noted French archaeologists Of the numerous speeches in Acts of the Apostles, Stephen's speech to the Sanhedrin is the longest.There are at least five places where Stephen's re-telling of the stories of Israelite history diverges from the scriptures where these stories originated; for instance, Stephen says that Jacob's tomb was in Some people have laid the charge of anti-Judaism against the speech, for instance the priest and scholar of comparative religion The relics of the protomartyr were later translated to Rome by Part of the right arm of Saint Stephen is enshrined at Some Orthodox churches, particularly in the west, follow a modified Julian calendar that places date names identically with the standard Gregorian calendar of widespread civil usage.
In the eucharistic celebration on this feast day, it is traditional for all deacons serving at the altar to wear a liturgical crown (Armenian: խոյր Many churches and other places commemorate Stephen. It has been popularly assumed that Saul's name was changed when he became a follower of Jesus Christ, but that is not the case. We find this conversion experience in (Acts 9:1-19), and Paul later recounted it in (Acts 22:6-21) and (Acts 26:12-18). We need to factor in the date that Stephen was martyred, which happened before Paul’s conversion on the road to Damascus. [Acts 11:19–20] Location of the martyrdom.
When I searched for the year this happened, nearly every scholar agrees it was in either 34 or 35 A.D. Generally, it is believed that Stephen was martyred within a year or two of Jesus' crucifixion. For the first king of Hungary, see Marian Wolniewicz as the translator of the Book of Acts from: The Millennium Holy Bible; Warsaw, 1980 Apostle Paul was stoned, not hurried out of the city to execution like Stephen, but stoned somewhere in the streets of Lystra.

His Jewish name was "Saul" (Hebrew: שאול ‎, Modern: Sha'ûl, Tiberian: Šāʼûl), perhaps after the biblical King Saul, a fellow Benjamite and the first king of Israel.According to the Book of Acts, he was a Roman citizen. (Acts 7:58) says that those who stoned Stephen “laid down their clothes at a young man’s feet, whose name was Saul (Paul).” When I searched for the year this happened, nearly every scholar agrees it was in either 34 or 35 A.D. However, I think that the lower of this range is unlikely. In the aftermath of Stephen's death, the remaining disciples fled to distant lands, many to Antioch.

This is because the Armenian churches maintain the decree of Constantine, which stipulated that the Nativity and Theophany of Jesus were to be celebrated on 6 January. Among the most notable are the two sites in Jerusalem held by different traditions to be the place of his martyrdom, the Important churches and sites dedicated to Saint Stephen are: While Paul did not actually stone Stephen, he was there, and “was consenting unto his death” (Acts 8:1)(Acts 22:20).

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