how to apologize to a cancer man

He told me he was fustrated because his parents/relatives were constantly asking him too. Well it was and I started to like him more but felt like he liked me more than I did which was a plus in my eyes. Not a lot of information was given from the other guy because it was really nothing. Offering a sincere apology. I also explained what drove me to the cheating not an excuse but I wanted him to understand if I didn’t want to be w him and there was emotional connection with the other guy I wouldn’t be here wasting his time. Good times were great. I apologize for my mistake and promised I will do anything it takes to make it work. But still nothing. I love him and we had great times but no matter how much work, effort, resources and energy I put in for weeks, months all it would take was one wrong word or saying something the wrong way and it would erase all that came before it because everything had to STOP to deal with his hurt feelings. I am now back at work away from home and he doesn’t repltAs for your story, it would also depend on your other signs (moon and rising) of both people. IDK! (Through text) I feel so bad and guilty for lying to him. !Hello, thank you for posting this article. If you want to fix the situation and the whole relationship, then you must show your Cancer all of your hard work and effort.During this process, rather than apologizing him verbally, I advise you to prove yourself through your actions and behavior.One of the best ways to gain Cancer man forgiveness is to let him talk.I know that you really want to be forgiven; however, dominating the whole conversation is quite wrong. He started texting me every morning and thoughtout the day but still being short. Capricorn Male here.OMG I am a Capricorn female and am sooo going through the same thing with a cancer male and what makes it even harder is that we are at a long distance relationship and I always feel like I’m walking on eggshells and tip toeing around not saying the wrong thing or doing the wrong things because he is easily hurt and gets very upset and will freeze me for days if that, but I am I am in love with him for sure. Things still were not the same and to much time was passing by and not enough effort where I noticed a difference. As in if you do something to hurt them, they will retrial to their shell and will just mind their own business and will wait for your apology, until then don’t expect them to even look at you.I had his baby April 21st 2016 and he proposed to me and dated our marriage date April 20th 2016 SMH we didn’t make it but the same year I had the baby a day away . I didn’t think something like that would jeopardize what we had and saw in the near future. I saw so much potential in him and he was everything a girl could dream of. But before was always willing to see me and talk throughout the day.

Finally, after a few weeks (felt like months to me, now in retrospect), he called me on his night off. I then replied that yes I was upset about the body wash and he explained that it was his and that he uses it because he likes the smell and started explaining his background and culture as to why and other things I will have to get use to and I was fine with that but told him it caught me off guard because I wasn’t use to it.

How are you do you want to see the baby ? It was complicated, we did not agree on anything and had a lot of arguments but we still loved each other. Should I just tell him to go ahead leave me alone at least to get good co parent relationship out of this or push for our family? He use to be so into me and say how he thought about me all the time and how this just felt too good to be true. Trust and security are all about love of the Cancer born.Learning how for getting a Cancer man happy again begins with understanding that he cannot tolerate confrontation. I’m a cancer and 31 years old. It’s because his emotion and mood change all the time!One thing should be remembered when you have a relationship with this guy; that’s, he are not quick when coming to forgiving and the process can take even longer if you behave in a wrong way with him.Keep reading, and you will find out something in this article.You’ve done something that has made your partner feel extremely terrible and irritated when being with you. For the first time I can say I was actually considering of for once just doing what I want. I had to meet him in person to make sure what I was feeling was real. And even if he doesn’t, this sweet sign is happy to listen to you talk about your emotions.Talking through problems is always better than ignoring a Cancer man, but if you choose to ignore him to show you’re upset, he will get your point.Cancers feel genuinely pained when they hurt another person. I also see that he was out of the country, visiting his relatives. Sorry my story is all over the place….thoughts?I already read your story I must say that your relationship is prone to the negative direction because you are influenced badly of the fact you’ve cheated on your Cancer. Like Craigslist personals ads I notice on laptop to the messaging ex friends or Grl friends and to this one Grl name he always seem to want to reach out to. We are now back to texting one another again, which for about two weeks we weren’t really texting at all. Well recently I told him I couldn’t continue our friendship or anything because I felt like he was playing in my face and his response was I understand but I’m not playing in your face. I was very worried about the fact that he was not planing to work because he was in his comfort zone for too long .

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