how to attach fissidens fontanus

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I was nervous about using glue but it works and doesn't seem to have any detrimental effect's.It's loose and bitty so tying it will be a real pain in the backside but it's my preferred method. Senior Member .

The first stages of tank setup are critical. Find out how to use aquatic plants, reefs, and wood to design a planted … This plant is a very fluffy, lush green plant that will attach to most surfaces and can eventually grow into a large mat of impressive size. !Thanks for the advice, chaps! And can you put the wood straight back in at that point? the wet wood only served to set the superglue more quickly and it was so easy to do.How long is it until the superglue dries (is it about a minute or two)? This kind of Fissidens is a… It's such a pretty moss. One way to attach mini Fissidens on the rock or carpet User Name: Remember Me? And can you put the wood straight back in at that point? I want to start my 30 gallon Shrimp tank. JavaScript is disabled. I probably used too much yogurt and the container wasn't airtight so the humidity couldn't build up so the end result was a load of mould on the yogurt! Common Name: Phoenix Moss Fissidens fontanus is gorgeous, feathery aquatic moss that will add brightness and dimension to any planted tank. What glue did you use and when did you use it? Will my Fissidens Fontanus grow well if I cover it in a mesh like this? While F. fontanus can survive in a variety of conditions, it prefers a lower temperature, around 77 Will my Fissidens Fontanus grow well if I cover it in a mesh like this? [/quote] Share. Mini Pellia for foreground 3. +1 on the super glue!

A beginner's guide to the newly discovered Fissidens Fontanus.

I probably used too much yogurt and the container wasn't airtight so the … This attempt was a failure. Fissidens is translated as a ‘split beard’.

I kind of want to use the following: 1 Fissidens Fontanus on Lava Rocks and Driftwood. I've glued my Fissidens to the tree and it's now in place in my tank, looking healthy and ready to fill out on the branches.in the past I just used cotton thread of the colour of the moss or wood! Save A newly discovered moss that hails from the USA, this plant is adaptable and virtually maintenance-free once it has taken root. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. The moss habitat is in North America, but it has become popular among aquascaping fans all over the world. I am nervous about using super glue but I have heard plenty of people recommending that method on other forums. Senior Member . Despite all the variety of the moss kinds available, Fissidens Fontanus is the most often used one. It's easier for the moss to grow quicker. It will work that way.

It's easier for the moss to grow quicker. Share this post on; Digg; Del.icio.us; Technorati; Twitter Advertisement [Remove Advertisement] 12-26-2008, 05:41 PM #2 Tex Gal. How to attach Fissidens fontanus ? As seen in the image below:Since it can attach itself sturdily to the media you place it on, you need not tie it back to the root/stone frequently.Aquatic organisms, such as snails and insect larvae habit in its submerged present.In its natural habitat, swans and ducks feed on its finds too.If you want to get one for your tank, you can easily find it in North America with others scattered in various locations in Illinois and Europe.If you want to get one directly from nature, you can find it in high-quality wetlands in natural areas and rarely in low-quality wetlands where with polluted water.Sometimes, we can find them growing in lakes at a depth of 60 feet.In wet protected areas near water bodies, the moss could appear above water, though this is on rare occasions.Indoor aquariums are among the best-growing sites for the moss.In these highly protected growth conditions, the moss is free from algae, which causes the discolouration of its leaves.Its appearance is, therefore, vivacious unlike in the wild.Injection of carbon dioxide into the water is not always necessary since the plant can grow without the gas.An effective method to propagate the plant into your existing tank is to plant it to an existing spot.It attaches to the media faster than when it gets tied down with cotton or mesh.Be careful when trimming it though, the little pieces can There you have it.

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