how to attach glass table top to wood

The top will be attached with traditional wooden buttons.There’s more than one way to attach a solid wood table top. I do think there would be a market for real wood tables with TOUGH finishes on them. Thanks!I would aim for 1/4 inch on each side. Avoid putting them To ensure adequate tension to hold the top firmly down on the apron, factor in a gap between the table top and the apron’s upper edge. We never get glass cleaner seeping under the glass, but I spray it in the middle and then wipe with a paper towel. I’m about to add glass to my kitchen table and a desk and had a question, did you go with regular glass or tempered glass? Over the years, joints in the Windsor-style chairs loosened, and some broke. Has anyone done this?In Feb of this year we bought a beautiful 6 ft. round table, I insisted on putting a glass on top to protect the table, now here it is Oct and I see what looks like moisture under the glass. I do love the glass and think it looks great even with clear spacers. With two active Granddaughters who visit often, I want to keep my new table from being marked and damaged. It truly protected the table from occasional disasters. Maybe just the correct size and forget the extension. This table is not an everyday used table.Regarding the consideration of added length of the glass over the table length, I would pause. It took more than twenty years for my old oak table to really look worn out, but no one wanted to put the first scratch or dent in the wood of this new table either.We discussed getting a piece of glass cut for the tabletop, and I called around to several local glass shops. Voila!I thought I’d share our experience with my readers, as this is exactly the kind of information I was looking for when we were deciding whether or not to glass-top our wood table. I think as long as the glass gets moved periodically, they should be fine.I was wondering if anyone has had their glass top cut in multiple pieces? We were actually long overdue for upgrading this, as we were still using the table I got in college — an oak table bought on clearance from Wickes Furniture in 1995. )Ease the edges by dragging the button at a 45-degree angle across a piece of 120-grit paper.Use a wood screw and make sure it’s long enough to provide firm attachment (but not so long that it goes through the table top, hello). what is the lease visible way to do this? The most important requirements of any method are (1) to keep the top firmly in contact with the undercarriage, preventing it from warping more than minimally, and (2) to allow the top to move across its grain as the wood expands and contracts with changes in humidity.A third means of attaching a table top is by using wooden buttons. Here’s what I’ve been doing to get the crumbs out:I’ve been using the brush attachment for our vacuum cleaner (it’s very soft, not scratchy) and working the edge of the brush under the glass. We will be getting a vinyl backedtablecloth for those really messy times however! The annealedcan break into sharper pieces but larger more manageable pieces. I don’t know if it makes the glass slippery. The kids were putting magazines under their homework papers to avoid digging pens and pencils into the wood when writing. I sure wish I had read your article before making that purchase!Excellent article! we have glass covers for the leaves as well. Husband now likes to play Mexican Train and I know that the dominoes would have chipped the top. Just don’t know about spacers or no spacers.I am very late to this discussion, but… I have a gorgeous, very large mahogany dining table that I decided to protect with a glass top. I’ve never had a problem and the glass is cut to size and the tabletop is veneer. It wouldn’t shatter and fly nicking other furniture. We moved glass now and then to clean, however some of the spacers have left whatever coating is on the spacers, on the wood top. I have a coffee and end tables that we recently purchased and we have been rolling these thoughts around. But, the time has come to let the table go to a college graduate. I have read too many accounts online of mold forming between the wood and glass that have scared me off from trying..!How do you clean the dust that gets in-between without moving the glass? My son has built and painted a kitchen table for me because I couldn’t find what I wanted, but we are having trouble, ours is not holding up to sitting a plate of food on it or coffee or getting water on it. It’s easy, all wood (well, apart from a screw), and requires no special materials.

I had a glass top made in order to protect the wood and I SO regret doing that.

Subscribe » See how durable it is under normal wear & tear.Glass scratches too, but it’s a lot more durable and scratch-resistant than plexiglas. The glass top is always showing fingerprints, food and liquids get underneath the edges of the glass, and it always looks dirty. (That said, the pack of three at right here ended up as rejects because they were too short for my purposes. Any ideas?The idea to extend the glass over the edges of the table is to only do it a slight bit — about 1/4 inch or half a centimeter at most. Love my little girl and the glass table cover, but I cringe when she slams it with her spoon or fork. I absolutely love this table. The buttons don’t need to be perfectly uniform in size.

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