how to become a mermaid overnight

Stick close to the side of the pool at first, so you can grab onto the edge and rest if you get tired.Never swim alone or without supervision. I am only a teenager and I don’t earn enough money from my job to buy anything.

Good luck!i want to be a reall mermaid i am13 years old are i want to be a mermaid and a humand i want to be a mermaid when i am wet and a hunm when i am driy how can i do that with a spell with three things or four thing .i want to become a real mermaid but i don’t know howWhat if I don’t have any of those stuff/am not allowed to buy anything and is there any potions or magic spells that can help me?can you send me a magical mermaid necklace or a mermaid potion for me to become a real mermaid?

Meditate for around 5 minuets with your eyes closed.

But for a more crimped look, try lots of braids. Send to Friend.
Sometimes, snorkelers see more marine life than scuba divers or freedivers because they have a better vantage point from the surface.A mermaid tail is her strongest feature.
Men can be mermen. or is it a joke. Mermaids are pretty cool and lots of people enjoy dressing up as them! When you are fully in with no head in the water, open your eyes and grab the mermaid symbol.If you are at the beach, use it to scoop sand that was in the sea.If you’re at a lake or pond, use it to scoop the water and a few lake sand or dirt.While looking at the contents on your emblem, say this spelLAfter that, take the water and pour it on your head.Soak yourself in the water for around 10 minutes and then you need to feel a tingling sensation all over your legs. In order to become a mermaid, a mermaid must give you the mermaid kelp or in life time rewards you can purchase it.

A Mermaid when wet, a human when dry. How to Become a Mermaid the Easy Way! When you are fully in with no head in the water, open your eyes and grab the … Let me teach you how I transformed myself into a sea creature and how you can become one too.


Send to Friend. If you feel you or it may cancel the spell, do not move. For loose waves, just a couple of braids. Leave an inch or two extra on the outline so that you can adjust it and have room to sew the two pieces of material together. Keeping the secret 666 8 9. by hippie5w.

For loose waves, just a couple of braids.



In order to become a mermaid, a mermaid must give you the mermaid kelp or in life time rewards you can purchase it. If you are taking your tail into the ocean, make sure that nothing will fall off and pollute the sea. The Power of _____ is what I feel to have. Competitive freediver or freediving instructor: Teach people how to become real-life mermaids through freediving. So um let me know. Becoming a mermaid has never been easier! You’ll get to wear your tail every single day. In South Korea, Malaysia, and Japan, humans have been freediving for centuries — collecting abalone, pearls, and food while holding their breath for over five minutes at a time. by hippie5w Follow. ThanksOh, and what’s the mermaid symbol? This…You will possibly turn . Some cities have mermaid swimming classes.There are also academies devoted just to teaching humans how to be mermaids. It takes 3 weeks total, on…1.If I go to a Koi Pond and do this spell, will I become a Koi mermaid because of the koi in the pond?Can you do a posion, and will you have powers of your ownwhen and drywell I just wanted to say I want to be a mermaid but not forever cause I would want to turn back to my normal self but if this works I’ll thank u and all the gods and the goddesses also the mermaids that would listen to meWhat happens if a land person looks up to the full moon and go to a pool what happens then I wish that I want to be a mermaid and gets power but howIs this actually true?

Keeping the secret 666 8 9. by hippie5w.

It should look like a long skirt.Then, put the monofin inside the tail.

The benefit of scuba diving is that you’re able to stay underwater for much longer, and can enjoy the ocean for hours instead of just minutes.If you do become a scuba-mermaid, we don’t recommending using a monofin (single mermaid tail) with your gear. How to Become a Mermaid the Easy Way! Once you’ve mastered the dolphin kick with the monofin, you can then slip on your tail. I’m not even allowed to style my own room! if you are looking for other spells, money spell ,love spells and other spells.

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