how to bring a peace lily back to life

It will never do well in a pot like that. I have a plant that is special from my late mother’n law that I am so much trying to do well with.

My little one already over, I guessed. If I do that, will it continue to grow and thicken back up? Naturally, the plant will start to dehydrate and droop when this happens. Mine, and I have 5, seem to like regular even watering rather frequently and strong indirect light. The plant should feel heavier when it has absorbed the water. It dried up, and nothing remained green of the plant it used to be. I appreciate your comments. Occasionally I miscalculate and they droop but always perk back up. What can I do to save it?Peace lilies prefer bright filtered natural light. It looked pretty bad for awhile, but it sent up new growth to replace what was falling off. So took it back out of the soil, put in new soil but it still droops.I do not want to lose this plant. If it is struggling and you feel the pot is too large, down-size it.I have a couple peace lilies that I overwatered and now there’s some black crispy leaves in the middle. I read through the blogs about drooping PL and all the reasons, watering, sunlight and temp changes etc. Do you have some plants that need to be revived or repotted? I’ve moved it to different locations, it sat in a west window and did nothing. I put water in a dish and then set the plant in the dish. Tied it up but still could not get it too look like it did.So it was still too wet. Unfortunately my air went out and when i came back my peace lily had died. Here is a great article that will tell you the exact light, water, and fertilizer requirements for a peace lily plant. I touch the soil to make sure I haven't overwatered. They are actually bent with a crease at the bend. It was a big plant but now I have lost most of the bigger leaves and stems but there is new little ones growing at the bottom of the plant. If you notice your peace lily is suffering from this, remove it from its pot. I’ll keep my eye on it...thanks for the info :-)looks like it need some water and maybe miracle grow for house plantsDo not water until it is completely dried out and then water only when needed.

After the treatment process my like started dying I didn’t know what else to do this was almost two years ago I didn’t want to throw it away because some ppl said it could still be saved. Hope this helps.Theses guys crave water and indirect sunlight. Occasionally I miscalculate and they droop but always perk back up. The pot in the pic has a saucer attached to it. With this plant I water every other day but not too much! I loosened up the roots to help them get out of the hard-packed soil ball they were stuck in and used a pot just one size up from the previous pot.Tomorrow I am taking it back to the rehab place and will post a picture then. Last week I finally reported it into a terra cotta pot three inches larger. Go to my website and then email me a picture and maybe I can see what I can do.Enter your email below and I'll send you my FREE download! When it comes to watering once a week should be enough provided that you give it adequate water. It was a gift in remembrance of a coworker who passed away, so we really want to maintain it. A couple of yellow leaves, and a little droopy but looks like it still has alot of healthy leaves. It was taller and fuller many years ago. It just won’t get bigger. Sorry I missed this in October….Thanks for your comment!this is lovely!

But why does she keep growing taller in stem without leaves getting bigger? It might take a little while for your peace lily to come back.

So i trimmed everything dead off of it and gave it some water. I too transplanted it into a bigger pot. That might prevent the wet feet.Peace Lillies love water but maybe not to sit in it. We were doing good right up until my birthday last year. Even the soil became rock hard. Three days ago I decided that would try something different. If the moisture conditions are met, they can even spread root rot to other plants. I tried to separate the roots after letting it get some air. Sad Peace Lily Will Recover With A Little CareSO it’s been just over three weeks and my peace lily is doing a lot better. Update!! My plan’s rootball was constantly wet and therefore developed root rot (this took me a long time to figure out). Then, plant the lily in a new pot, where you need to place dry soil and ensure a good drainage. Hope I didn’t kill them!Do they seem like they are doing better? I worry about root rot but the leaves and stalks still appear healthy.Hi, I had a beautiful peace lily. Although peace lilies are relatively care-free plants, they will begin to wilt dramatically with neglect. However, recently, someone else began to water it also.

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