how to charge smoky quartz

Then add the baby oil.Hold the bottle and say your charging intentions aloud. Please consider supporting my work on Patreon!Support us on Patreon and get personal crystal advice!

Likewise, flames and smoke may evoke spiritual feelings that can be a great help in charging crystals and stones. In addition to that, you can perform the spell with a small ceremony like lighting candles and putting them on an altar or other special surfaces.Another way on how to charge crystals and stones is to use solar power.

One great way to prevent this is to charge your stones and crystals. Close the ritual. You may run it under cool water if you wish to remove any additional dirt that may still be on it. If you leave them out too long and they get cleansed or charged by moonlight, the energy will also change.This may also have an effect on how their energies will affect you the next time you use them.By putting your crystals and stones under the light of a full moon or crescent moon, you are also cleansing and charging them.Make sure to put them there for approximately seven hours.Like cleansing and charging your crystals and stones using solar power, make sure that they are only exposed to moonlight.Cleansing and charging your crystals and stones with earth energy will work for Tiger’s Eye, Petrified Wood, Mahogany Obsidian, Jasper, Citrine, Carnelian, Calcite, Boji Stone, and Agate.Using this method of cleansing and charging can bring powerful healing energies to you and your crystal work.As long as you have access to a small patch of natural earth, this should be a very easy way to clear and restore the energy of your stones.Place the crystals and stones that you wish to cleanse and charge in a glass jar or bottle, and then bury your crystal the ground for approximately seven hours.The glass container does not need to be fully buried, just deep enough to keep the crystals and stones covered.After the seven hours is up, you can simply dig them up again. This will cleanse and at the same time charge your crystals and stones.Clear quartz, Amethyst, Rutilated Quartz, Citrine, and Smoky Quartz are some of the stones and crystals that can benefit from this charging method.Aside from the stones or crystals, you want to charge you will need colorless detergent, baby oil (unscented), a tiny spray bottle, an essential oil, and a 100-ml bottle.

The good thing about this method is that it is very easy to do. Then, transfer the oil to your spray bottle. In addition to that, remember to say thank you and gratitude towards your stones and crystals.

A lot of people were surprised when they found out that they can charge their crystals and … Visualize them becoming full of light and so bright that you can’t look at it.You can also pray for the stones and crystals to become charged with the power to cure. This will cleanse and charge it simultaneously.Apart from the stone that you wish to cleanse and charge, you will also need essential oils of your choice, a 100-ml bottle, a small spray bottle, unscented baby oil, and some colorless detergent.Add the stones and crystals, detergent, and about seven drops of your chosen essential oil in the 100-ml bottle. Although ritual cleansing is often centered around certain points in the solar or lunar … In the same way, smoke and flames can evoke spiritual feelings that really help to energize crystals – especially those of the fire element and association.Some crystals and stones that will benefit from fire energy include Mahogany Obsidian, Tiger’s Eye, Rutilated Quartz, Jasper, Boji Stone, Agate, and Bloodstone.You can make use of smoke or fire to cleanse your crystals and charge your stones.Direct fire burns away any negative energies. You can pray to earth, God, and whatever you have faith in is the controlling force in your life.Bells, singing bowls, humming, chanting, and other sounds have been said to cleanse and charge objects, places, and even people. When using this method, you will need to use a piece of gold cloth. Bloodstone, Agate, Boji Stone, Jasper, Mahogany Obsidian, Rutilated Quartz, and Tiger’s Eye – these are some of the stones and crystals that may benefit from this method.Moreover, a direct fire will burn away all negative and dangerous energies. Over time, it will weaken and start to dwindle.Crystals and stones that are still deep inside the earth will not need to be charged because they draw their energies naturally from the earth.But once they’re dug up from the earth, they will also lose their ability to charge themselves using the earth’s energies.This is why their energies must be refreshed by anyone who uses them and cares for them.

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