how to clean sticky synthetic gun stock

Grime and dirt can build up in the crevices of the gun stock and may create damage to the working mechanism of the gun.

Apparently after cleaning my rifle i left some hand print marks from either gun oil or cleaner (hopps) day after or so I went out hunting and ended up getting the stock dirty from the mud and tracking.


Hi All , I have a very nice Sako 75 Stainless Synthetic .

Just be sure to use a dry cloth to wipe it completely. Kevin P. 9/20/2017 08:14:33 pm. I really cant afford to screw it up 3.

There is no "just buy a new one" I've heard (and did) wipe it down with mild soap (dial dish soap) and water which helped a little. Cleansers of this type contain a mild abrasive. The reason most gun owners choose a synthetic gun stock is because of the low maintenance that comes along with having it.

The liquid abrasive cleanser should not come in contact with any metal parts.

Looking for any tips or tricks to cleaning or restoring a synthetic stock. 3. With trial and error, you’ll find the best way to keep your synthetic stock looking its best.Join more than 5,000 subscribers!

I removed the rubber cheek weld, made a paste with baking soda and water, then used a tooth brush to scrub the stock and foregrip. Get the latest articles from Guns Today straight to your inbox for FREE! Enter your email address below. This will prevent corrosion from forming the unexposed parts.Use extreme caution when cleaning guns.

Do not allow the liquid abrasive cleanser to dry on the synthetic gun stock; the dried cleanser maybe more difficult to …

So I stripped it off with a paint stripper, and steel wool.

I couldn't paint over that!

Place the camera on a clean surface. i used a tooth brush to scrub alot of it off, it looks better than when i took this pic, but there is still visable oily residue on the stock.

A synthetic stock does need some attention, though.

Most synthetic stock owners find something they like and continue to use it. Clean one area at a time and then wipe the residue with the soft cloth. Some rubber on the top section was very very sticky and gummy which I guess was the reason why it was selling for $5! One of the most common questions asked is how to clean a synthetic gun stock. Its a ruger pc-40 stock (black) that was issued to a police department. We won't share or sell your information.Our email newsletter is full of cool stuff. Most synthetic stock owners find something they like and continue to use it.

... Sticky synthetic stock "real sticky" beyond where I can use my rifle.

Problem was when the stock came, the Dura-Touch stock was as sticky as fly paper! I'm not painting it 2. They may damage certain painted surfaces.

I have a black synthetic vinci and am wondering what is the best way to clean it. The oil can cause spontaneous combustion.Be sure to check the liquid abrasive cleanser manufacturer's recommendations before applying any cleaner to a painted surface. However, with the vinci, it leaves a weird residue when I do this and I am worried about degrading the stock or the chevrons. Cleaning synthetic gun stocks should be a part of a seasonal maintenance of your guns.

Steps: 1. Then re-painted it.

Regular cleaning can keep your guns in safe, effective working order.Remove the barrel and all mechanisms of the gun using the screwdriver.

If the cleaner does, you should oil the metal parts thoroughly and wipe clean with a soft cloth.Brush out dirt with the old toothbrush before applying the liquid abrasive cleanser.Squirt some of the liquid abrasive cleanser onto the stock. With my wood guns, I wipe everything with rem oil and am done. Be sure to give all hidden parts, concealed by the stock, a thorough wiping down with the high-grade oil.

Gun oil is perfect.

I decided to use the Isopropyl on a Hi 8 camera that I recently purchased. If it doesn’t give you the clean you’re looking for, try something like the gun oil, ArmourAll, or shoe polish.

It’s better to start with something simple first to see how it works for you. There are actually a few different ways to clean a synthetic gun stock, depending on how you want it to look afterwards.Some people swear by bottled water – like Aquafina.

Reply. Next, apply some Isopropyl to the affected area, adding enough to cover the rubber.

Had the same issue with my R1 synthetic stock after I left the rifle in a case for an extended period of time (my mistake).

They believe it helps prevent spots on the gun. Using the toothbrush, rub the cleanser into the material in small circular strokes.Clean one area at a time and then wipe the residue with the soft cloth. Do not allow the liquid abrasive cleanser to dry on the synthetic gun stock; the dried cleanser maybe more difficult to remove than the dirt and grime.Clean the gun stock inside and out with the cleanser.Pour a small amount of high-grade gun oil into a clean cloth and wipe the whole surface of the gun stock. Corrosion can begin to form if left unchecked on a dirty gun. Had a gunsmith disassemble the gun clean the parts to be sprayed and clear coat. 1. You just have to make sure you wipe it off completely. Get signed up today!

Thus far coatings are holding. Accidental discharge can be fatal.Never allow children to clean guns without constant adult supervision.Safely discard all rags and cloths used for oiling the gun mechanism.

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