how to draw a unicursal hexagram

My way: Back, Up, Left, Right, Down, Front, Back...et merci m'sieur triangle /delta for that geometry link tooHow did you come to this? I drew the cube but the points dont seem to match up right.

Its points are equidistant, but the lines are not of equal length (unlike a standard hexagram). Instead, two individual and overlapping triangles form the hexagram. Continue this thread level 1.

All you have to do is look at a regular hexagram in a circle and imagine the two horizontal lines crossed, as in a unicursal hexagram, it certainly fits within a circle , with all the point touching the circumference. But I never thought I'd see it demonstrated like that when I sussed it out in the 1980s!For the unicursal, I draw a v and then an inverted v, so that they intersect a little less than half way on each side, then connect the lower right line diagonally to the upper left, and vice versa.

Caveat lector, indeed!Are s...Be careful what you say.

Pretty easy.adav93: Yeah I used to do that as well but I wanted something more precise.

Don't. I prefer to start in the centre rather than on a face. Big Brother requires me to rep...

It is a 3 dimensional figure created by connecting the centres of each face of a cube, starting from the dead centre of the cube forwards, down, right(or left), left (or right), back, up and then back to dead centre.

He h...@djedi - Yes, you can find it in tzadik.com catalog: If you look up 'how to draw a heptagon' (as I just did) you'll see some far out deep maths.But the internal angle of a heptagon is a bit over 128 and a half degrees.So when you are in the shop getting the compass also get a school protractor.After you have drawn a heptagon extend the sides so that they make the external triangles.I may need to dig out one of my old table top books on Sacred Geometry or possibly picking up something off Amazon on geometric forms. I drew a twice 45°-rotated cube (it's an hexagon) as well as the vertical and horizontal axes of symmetry of every face of the cube (thus drawing the inner hexagon that contains the hexagram).

The hexagram also came to have Kabbalistic and occult meaning. The opposing and overlapping triangles used to create it often represent two forces that are both opposing and interconnected. (Or not one capable of being drawn in a circle.) The evolution of the Star of David is unclear. Although using this method, let me mark out (and then paint) a Babalon seal on my new altar within minutes (except the painting, which took a day)Thanks for the maths Frater Nuin! Catherine Beyer is a practicing Wiccan who has taught religion in at Lakeland College in Wisconsin as well as humanities and Western culture at the University of Wisconsin, Green Bay.The Five Element Symbols of Fire, Water, Air, Earth, SpiritDeciphering Eliphas Levi's Baphomet: The Goat of Mendes

Did you know you can draw a hexagram in using only one line? Does anyone know of a good resource for plotting a perfect Unicursal Hexagram on paper?

For my second symbol painting, I chose to create a Unicursal Hexagram, since I have a friend who has a relationship with that symbol. Here is the path that worked for me: top, front, back, bottom, right, left, then top.I have made a rough little animation to illustrate what Steve meant. Try out OKontrair's method above its great!Quick bit of maths for drawing any n-pointed regular polygon within a circle (and thus useful for a heptagram)Where A = central angle of a isosceles triangle (in a heptagram you have 7 of these). Finally, triangles are commonly used in alchemy to Plus if I add it here, it wont get lost in my excessive amount of emails.Also rather useful for creating 9 and 11 pointed stars / polygons.Interestingly previously, I had used a 'project the shape from a printout', which worked okay for smallish versions. It can, however, fit inside a circle with all six points touching the circle. Thanks for the maths Frater Nuin!

The Chinese I-Ching (Yi Jing) is based off 64 different arrangements of broken and unbroken lines, with each arrangement having six lines. In the Middle Ages, the hexagram was often referred to as the Seal of Solomon, referencing a Biblical king of Israel and son of Hmm... That's a deal, you jive-a turkey. You can create a I'm also looking for the same information with regards to the Star of Babalon. That explanation is pretty much what is on the wikipedia entry for the unicursal hexagram, with the exception of the reason why one would want to draw a hexagram in one line.

(1) Thank you! Does anyone know of a good resource for plotting a perfect Unicursal Hexagram on paper? Finally, one can use the Invoking Hexagram of Earth for Saturn.

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Honestly I never wold have figured that out....Delta: Thank you as well that document will be very valuable!Thanks for that, the order just has to be one or the other of two possible starting directions, from any point.

This will come in very handy!

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