how to drive a v drive boat

by ScottyP140. Losing shouldn't be discouraging it should motivate you work on your pile to make it faster.....

In a “V-drive” boat, the engine faces aft with a transmission connected to the rear of the engine. Direct drive boats operate through their V-8 engines, which are center-aligned Because the engine is inboard, though, that means that most direct drive boats rely on rudders to help steer. Driving a flat bottom V-drive. We answer a lot of questions pertaining to the subject of "how to weight a v-drive boat for wakesurfing". This can be accomplished with a minimal wakesurf ballast bag upgrade. I have only driven a vdrive once but am looking to "try again" I thought it was pretty easy though. I own a 19ft Hallet skiracer boat with Twin turbo 429 BB Ford engine and Casale v -drive with 1.48:1 gears turning a 3 blade 15 inch RH rotation propeller. It's a 17-18' 1972 Hondo flat with a blown/injected 1962 Hemi Pontiac. Boats Powered by an Indmar 6.2L Monsoon 450 HO engine, it features the classic V-drive layout, with the engine spun 180 degrees and pushed to the rear to maximize cockpit space and, in the case of wakesports, take advantage of weight at the stern. Popular Categories H. Hallett20; 5 mo ago; 10 741 ... V-Drives Welcome to our community. .....I think people forget that racing is supposed to fun.

This difference is what makes driving a direct drive boat a challenge, mainly if you are used to working with Behind the wheel, operating a direct drive boat can seem like handling any other motor vessel, but the difference quickly becomes evident once you start it up. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.Wanted to start a thread on the proper way to operate a v drive.

Unlike other vessels with outboard engines, this layout doesn't change the direction of the motor to take turns. As flat bottom boats are very comfortable at speed it comes as no surprise that there are flat-bottomed speed boats. I got it up to 78 on crap day and it was pretty solid. Not only does this give the best result for them, but it also isn't that different from driving other types of motorboats. The V-drive was represented by the 25-foot Malibu Wakesetter 25 LSV. While they still have a V-8 engine in the same location, the rest of the build focuses on kicking up the water necessary for wakeboarding. Good luck and enjoy, Todd~This is the first time I have ever heard of starting it out of gear. It sits behind the propeller—which isn't where the force heads when trying to back up your boat.As such, you'll find that your boat tends to pull one way when in reverse (even without turning the wheel), depending on how the rotating prop rests. I put in at about 1,450 rpm. A. allstarusa1; Nov 29, 2011; 3 4 5. After that, spend a lot of time driving it.

Shaft and case take up room in a v-drive. I did everything concerning the motor. Losing shouldn't be discouraging it should motivate you work on your pile to make it faster..... As we've mentioned, it's going to take practice, and one vessel may not control the same as another. always start in gear..just plain to hard on parts for no good reason to shift it in while run'n..why put it through that when there is no good reason??

Another v driver told me how he gets his boat …


With a fair amount a jet experience but, no v drive exp I sought advice from people a few years back.

Once again, the more practice you get, the better off you'll be.Even after reading this guide, you're not likely to get on the water and be automatically ready to handle your direct drive boat under any conditions. The high speed and quick turn create a few safety risks. Thats provided you can reuse the tailhousing. Power. Use your mirrors, and have a spotter on board with you who can let you know if anything happens.If your rider falls off, it can feel tempting to slam down on the throttle and perform a high speed turn to pick them back up. "The proper way to operate a v-drive" is to start it out of gear, drop it into gear and nail it! You can certainly drop it into gear when you need to, but if you are at the lake and don't have to, then why abuse your equipment?What do you guys think about running an air shifter in a boat that is just a river/lake boat. There was a vid posted just a day so ago 7 minutes with so and so and there is some video of him working the pedals. Though a v-drive flat bottom boat’s sides sit closer to the waterline than other boat types, due to its shallow draft flat-bottomed hull, it is driven like any other speed boat. The really cool thing is getting seat time is a lot of fun.... Here are some pointers.For the most part, if you have a water skier behind you, you'll want to move in a straight line.

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