how to fix samsung refrigerator error code 22c

Easy sign-in, Samsung Pay, notifications, and more! Always take proper safety precautions when installing or repairing any major appliance. Email as a contact option was discontinued as of April 3rd, 2019. For more information to help diagnosis the error code visit the A Samsung Refrigerator displaying an error code can lock out the Refrigerator or disable it from functioning normally. Unplugged for 10 minutes. Samsung RS25H5121 refrigerator Flashing 22 C. Noticed was not cooling. This is much more cost effective and has a far less impact on the environment than a complete appliance replacement.The information on this page applies to the following Samsung Refrigerator model numbers RB194ABRS/XAC, RB194ABRS/XAC, RB194ABWP/XAC, RB194ABWP/XAC, RB194ACRS/XAC, RB194ACRS/XAC, RB194ACWP/XAC, RB194ACWP/XAC, RB195ACPN/XAA, RB195ACPN/XAA-0001, RB195ACWP/XAA, RB195ACWP/XAA-0000, RB196ABRS/XAC, RB196ABRS/XAC, RB196ACRS/XAC, RB196ACRS/XAC, RB196ACWP/XAC, RB196ACWP/XAC, RB214ACWP/XAC, RB214ACWP/XAC, RB215ABBP/XAA, RB215ABPN/XAA, RB215ABWP/XAA, RB215ACBP/XAA, RB215ACBP/XAA-0000, RB215ACPN/XAA, RB215ACPN/XAA-0000, RB216ACRS/XAC, RB216ACRS/XAC, RB217ABBP/XAA, RB217ABBP/XAA-0000, RB217ABRS/XAA, RB217ABRS/XAA-0000, RB217ABWP/XAA, RF197ABBP/XAA, RF197ABBP/XAA-0000, RF197ABBP/XAC, RF197ABPN/XAA, RF197ABPN/XAA-0000, RF197ABRS/XAA, RF197ABRS/XAA-0000, RF197ABRS/XAC, RF197ABWP/XAA, RF197ABWP/XAA-0000, RF197ABWP/XAC, RF197ACBP/XAA, RF197ACBP/XAA-0000, RF197ACBP/XAC, RF197ACPN/XAA, RF197ACPN/XAA-0000, RF197ACRS/XAA, RF197ACRS/XAA, RF197ACRS/XAC, RF197ACRS/XAC, RF197ACWP/XAA, RF197ACWP/XAA, RF197ACWP/XAA-0000, RF197ACWP/XAC, RF197ACWP/XAC, RF217ABBP/XAA, RF217ABBP/XAA-0000, RF217ABPN/XAA, RF217ABPN/XAA-0000, RF217ABRS/XAA, RF217ABRS/XAA-0000, RF217ABRS/XAC, RF217ABWP/XAA, RF217ABWP/XAA-0000, RF217ACPN/XAA, RF217ACPN/XAA-0000, RF217ACRS/XAA, RF217ACRS/XAA, RF217ACRS/XAA-0000, RF217ACRS/XAC, RF217ACRS/XAC, RF217ACWP/XAA, RF217ACWP/XAA-0000, RF263AEPN/XAA, RF263AEPN/XAA-0000, RF263AERS/XAA, RF263AERS/XAA-0000, RF263AERS/XAA-0001, RF263AERS/XAC, RF263AFBP/XAC, RF263AFBP/XAC, RF263AFRS/XAC, RF263AFRS/XAC, RF266ADBP/XAA, RF266ADPN/XAA, RF266ADRS/XAA, RF266ADWP/XAA, RF266AERS/XAA, RF266AERS/XAA-0000, RF266AERS/XAA-0001, RF266AFRS/XAC, RF266AFRS/XAC, RF266AZPN/XAA, RF266AZPN/XAA-0000, RF266AZRS/XAA, RF266AZRS/XAA-0000, RF267ADBP/XAA, RF267ADPN/XAA, RF267ADRS/XAA, RF267ADWP/XAA, RF267AEBP/XAA, RF267AEBP/XAC, RF267AEPN/XAA, RF267AERS/XAA, RF267AEWP/XAA, RF267AZBP/XAA, RF267AZPN/XAA, RF267AZRS/XAA, RF267AZWP/XAA, RF267HERS/XAA, RF267HERS/XAA-0001, RF268ABBP/XAA, RF268ABPN/XAA, RF268ABRS/XAA, RF268ABWP/XAA, RF268ACBP/XAA, RF268ACPN/XAA, RF268ACRS/XAA, RF268ACWP/XAA, RF26XAEBP/XAA, RF26XAEPN/XAA, RF26XAERS/XAA, RF26XAEWP/XAA, RF26XAZRS/XAA, RF26XAZRS/XAA-0000, RF26XAZRS/XAA-0000, RFG237AABP/XAA, RFG237AABP/XAA-0003, RFG237AAPN/XAA, RFG237AAPN/XAA-0000, RFG237AAPN/XAA-0000, RFG237AARS/XAA, RFG237AARS/XAA-0000, RFG237AARS/XAA-0000, RFG237AARS/XAC, RFG237ACRS/XAC, RFG237ACRS/XAC, RFG238AABP/XAA, RFG238AAPN/XAA, RFG238AARS/XAA, RFG238AAWP/XAA, RFG295ABBP/XAA, RFG295ABPN/XAA, RFG295ABRS/XAA, RFG295ABWP/XAA, RFG296HDBP/XAA, RFG296HDPN/XAA, RFG296HDRS/XAA, RFG296HDWP/XAA, RFG297ABBP/XAA, RFG297ABBP/XAA, RFG297ABBP/XAA, RFG297ABBP/XAA, RFG297ABBP/XAA, RFG297ABBP/XAC, RFG297ABPN/XAA, RFG297ABPN/XAA, RFG297ABPN/XAA, RFG297ABPN/XAA, RFG297ABPN/XAA, RFG297ABRS/XAA, RFG297ABRS/XAA, RFG297ABRS/XAA, RFG297ABRS/XAA, RFG297ABRS/XAC, RFG297ACRS/XAC, RFG297ACRS/XAC, RFG297HDBP/XAA, RFG297HDBP/XAA, RFG297HDPN/XAA, RFG297HDRS/XAA, RFG297HDRS/XAA, RFG297HDWP/XAA, RFG297HDWP/XAA-0001, RFG297HDWP/XAA-0001, RFG298AAPN/XAA, RFG298AARS/XAA, RFG298HDBP/XAA, RFG298HDPN/XAA, RFG298HDRS/XAA, RFG298HDWP/XAA, RFG299ABRS/XAA, RFG29PHDBP/XAA, RFG29PHDRS/XAA, RFG29PHDRS/XAA, RFG29PHDWP/XAA, RFG29THDBP/XAA, RFG29THDPN/XAA, RFG29THDRS/XAA, RFG29THDWP/XAA .

- Answered by a verified Appliance Technician

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