how to flush a badger out of its hole

Remember early I told you that we were in a hay field. He was down there about 18" away I could see a little movement and figured he was just giving his last little kicks. So one of my uncles decided that we should pour gas on this badger and light him on fire. Almost daily there'd be just skeletons of what used to be a pheasant.Back in the late 80s my cousin ran a trap line and when he would get a badger that had pulled a trap loose and drug it into a hole, he would use a piece of barbed wire fence to get them out of the hole. I've never used moth balls before, how bad do they stink? Just my opinion though. Shoved a hose down the hole and opened the valve.

I came back with a shovel to dig him out and was met with dirt being pushed out of the hole. This is in Colorado, and I am unsure of trapping laws. they have a season as well. Use a tank of propane with pipe and something to wrap around the pipe and to plug the hole while running the gas in the hole. What we do if we see a Badger "Whole up" is You shine a flash light down the whole and they will stick their head out to see why there is light, then you just shot them. I'll come take care of it for you. Looks like we're onto plan B - smokebombs and a rifle. We filled the tank that was on a hay wagon and headed out to the badger holes. What's the best way to get rid of it? My brotherinlaw had a groundhog under his house he used mothballs the hog carried them all out of the hole, never tried it on badger.

Good Luck. Or was that snapping turtles?? I bailed out of a truck a few years back, with a tire bar to chase a badger across a frozen field. Catch one in a havaheart yes. ADVICE: A .300 WSM works better than a bow (or a shovel). Keeping it in one a Big NO! A safe zone. My apologies for breaking the Bowsite code. It was going nowhere fast and it finally spun and faced me.

It will blow him right out of his hole.

(Need to check them every day) The nearest trapper wants $100/day to set and check them, not a chance I'm paying that vs a $2 bullet. "Me and my Dad/uncles still say it and laugh when we are out huntin. That's exactly what the trapper I called told me NOT to do. Vids, I most certainly used my advice, however; after a few swings I got wise and used a more permanent option! Additionally, when badgers dig on the shoulders of roads, it can lead to erosion and collapse. From an experience long ago I will say that you can pick up a young badger and carry him far away. Good luck with your badger.

After 50 yards or so I was looking hard and went to take along step over a small bush and BAM! He, like you is just trying to make a living. Let's just say, when he exited, he was PI$$ED!!! Looked like he was behind every bush. I heard if you grab them by the tail you can just carry them away. So I let down. There is no food that will make it come out (they rarely eat anyway!). The aroma of moth balls remind me of my grandparents attic. One of my buddies was driving another friend's car and as a joke, picked up a road killed porcupine and dropped it in the trunk. Looked like a cattle dog with it's legs chopped off, seriously had to be 40 lbs or more.


If you cant call'em in or get them before they get to the hole then they get a pass. We have a badger that has decided to dig a few dens on our ranch property. The sucker bit a chunk out of my M/T tire! cnelk - Funny you should mention that. If you need the name of someone who could give you the answers or trap it for you let me know and I can get you in contact with a good one.

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