how to hide a mini fridge in classroom

It is handy for me and for class needs occasionally.

and a microwave in my classroom and love it. Posts: 88 Posts: 28,227 Posts: 141 Build a window cornice to hide ugly drapery rods and add a touch of polish to your windows. When ever they feel the need, they get up and get an ice pack (a sponge in a ziplock bag - kept in freezer).

DIY Mini Refrigerator Storage Cabinet {Free Plans} Store your compact appliances in this mini refrigerator storage cabinet. Yes, I guess you can.

ALL items must be approved by the administration.

... have a mini fridge and microwave in my room, but took them home after they decided to charge up for them.

Product Title Mini Fridge 20Liter Compact Refrigerator, Quiet Portable AC/DC Powered Cooler and Warmer, Control Temperature Fridge for Bedroom, Office, Dorm, Car &ect. We have a long countertop beside our sink so I keep mine there. I have one. Posts: 237 We are not allowed to have one at our school. Build a window cornice to hide ugly drapery rods and add a touch of polish to your windows. I used it for my food and stuff I needed for the classroom.

Posts: 3,755

Erchul studied English and psychology at Concordia College in Moorhead, Minn. College students may want to hide the mini fridge in their dorm room or you may want to hide a mini fridge in your office so that your co-workers don’t steal your lunch or drinks. I like that because the ones in the teachers lounge is nasty. Would those of you who have one recommend getting one...and those of you who do not have one, why or why not?

Also it makes it easy to have a working lunch or after school snack. A mini fridge can be a cool addition to your favorite space. I keep ice packs in the freezer section, so my students don't have to go to the office each time they need an ice pack. Posts: 306

Perhaps the most common way to hide a refrigerator is to go for an integrated one with kitchen unit doors attached. I loved having one in my room.

Janice currently lives in Utah with her husband and children, where she works as a university professor.Love this piece. Posts: 88 Current Price $111.99 $ 111. Posts: 16,615 Mini fridges provide efficient convenience when you have little space, but they are not the most aesthetically pleasing items. I think it would have been $60 a year for both, but to me it wasn't worth it. Posts: 141

I liked it, but I would then eat in my room etc.

I keep my personal stuff - lunch, soda in it - but most important, I keep a stash of ice packs in the "freezer" section - it cuts WAY down on kids having phantom bumps and needing to leave the room to see the nurse.

It helps to cut down on the excuse of having to bring lunch. Posts: 81

and a microwave in my classroom and love it.

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