how to make a squirrel trap with a cardboard box

When set, the weight of the door will apply pressure from the dowel rod to the trigger which holds it in place.

A rabbit box trap works good to catch squirrels All you need is four boards about fourteen inches long and four inches wide, two small boards for the front and back A piece of string and a twig from a tree for the trigger. Some type of tubular natural structure.With this, I had to forage into “No-Man’s Land”, i.e. Here is another variant of this technique: Long-tube variant When the lever is activated by the squrriel going into the tube’s end where the bait is (below), the door comes down.A small pivot is used in the middle, think see saw motion. You can also just tie it on with the holes, but with a lively upset squirrel, you may not want to take your chances with a stubborn knot.For this next trap, we will also be using PVC, but the premise is using it as a lever. 1. This causes the trigger to activate which in turn causes the door to fall, trapping the rabbit inside the box.The trigger will usually fall inside the box when the trap goes off. Make sure to leave a gap large enough between the small pieces of wood so the door can slide though it smoothly without becoming jammed.Next, take the 26'' bottom piece and screw or nail on the 8 3/4'' back piece.

You also need to make a small flat spot on the end of the dowel rod to allow it to rest on the trigger.Here's a closer view. These days it is possible to find a specialty item for almost anything. We use several other methods to disguise, you can too. This lever-based strategy uses the weight of the mouse to spring the trap, landing it safely in the bucket. I will never SPAM you.

You can add a little wood glue to the joint if you want for added strength.On the 7 1/4'' mark, bore a 1'' hole in the center.

This activates the mechanism, closing the door by a pulley system.This one is for squirrels that may live inside your house, like the attic or a garage. Again so not glue. Nest box project Center Instructions to build a wooden nest box for Squirrels, Small Owls, and Kestrels. Don't be surprised if the rabbit chews on the trigger a little bit. This is a reason why if you find babies, you cant just feed them and thrown them out on their own.Another live trap you can easily make allows you to catch and move pheasants and grouse. I absconded with some PVC pipe and a few tools and materials.

They go in for the food, and end up sliding to the bottom and get stuck there. Using these free live trap plans will walk you through building your own box trap. For your disguises, you can also use tree limbs, cardboard or wooden boxes, even a jumble of fencing, patio furniture or even aluminum lawn chairs. This nest box is designed to provide a secure place for young animals to grow. You place your bait in the back of the tube. These live trap plans use a few simple supplies that can be found around your house or at your local lumberyard. These three pieces will be used for the two sides and the bottom.Your 8 1/2'' long door piece will need to be ripped to a width of 5 1/2'' wide.

This is not a pvc pipe trap, but it is a very effective live trap set up. Notice the flat spot on the end of the dowel rod?When setting the trap, the flat dowel rod end will fit into the trigger notch cut at 1''. These are 3 traps to keep the squirrel alive so it can be relocated, or harvested as you wish. Apr 6, 2017 - Explore Sera Scott's board "Squirrel Nest Box Plans | Squirrel Den Box Plans", followed by 198 people on Pinterest. [dropcap]T[/dropcap]oday we will make a few traps in the “humane eviction” theme for squirrels. The end that will be pointing up gets the holes. Learn how well they work on mice, insects, rodents, bugs and other indoor and outdoor pests.Getting rid of Japanese beetles is easy if you follow these simple tips. The squirrel pulls the bait line and it closes the door, as the catch on the door slips off allowing it to slide down.

Many people dislike the thought of shooting or it may not be practical if close to houses so a live trap is a good alternative. Lock the trap in place with bricks or stones.Use the holes on the top piece to place nuts or screws for your bungee cord to hook to. So it looks like a tunnel. When the animal pushes on the trigger it will slide off and cause the door to fall.Finally, cut a centered 5/8'' hole in the top of the door but don't cut it all the way through. The squrriels weight works against him. I felt like a squirrel nervously twitching my tail, and you’d better believe I looked for tripwires or loose leaves indicating pits or nets. This is where the trigger is inserted.To make the trigger, you can either use some remaining scrap pine lumber or just a simple stick from outside will work. Since these pieces of wood are so thin, the pine will split easily.

A few materials came from the kitchen: Pam and bait (organic peanut butter).Drill holes in the pipe as shown. These are the easiest of DIY squirrel traps to prepare, and they put forth no risk to the squirrel. As a reminder, we may receive a small share of the sale. So maybe call them if you plan on doing this. They will smell her and follow her into the cage below. For the base do not drill 6” from either end, put 6 in the middle.For the top piece, one hole 2 inches from the top will do, on either side.

The trigger notch cut at 7'' will rest in the 1'' hole you cut in the top of the trap. Place a mark with a carpenter’s pencil on the two areas.

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