how to measure a kidney shaped pool for a liner

When you are measuring to determine the length, width or diameter of the pool, take the measurement from the inside of the pool, wall to wall.

dealers alike.Looking for Inground Pool Liner replacement parts, accessories, or instructions and guides on 27 mil vinyl patterns have an additional cost of $400.

You can also use a bit of silicone in the track, but only as a last resort, as an adhesive, if needed. Small outdoor kidney shaped pool and sitting area Backyard design with a kidney-shaped beach An infinity kidney shaped pool with fascinating sea view. Wiki User. Scroll down to see how each letter corresponds to certain length, width and depth points on your pool.Two of the most common swimming pool liner beads are Hydra Pools & Ester Williams. Sometimes it can be a very gradual, hard to notice slope, but it could impact the fit of your new liner.

All off the dimension will be needed to properly make a new liner that will fit your pool. For most pools, there will still be a few more measurements you need to take around the perimeter of the pool, and those will vary based on your specific pool shape.
When measuring any slope, the measurement is of the horizontal distance of the slope, NOT the actual length of the slope on the pool floor. low cost.

When measuring the side and back (end) slopes of any pool DO NOT ASSUME that any of the slopes are the same. Mark the corner you create as point 1, and the break in the curve of the pool where it begins to straighten out as point 2. Measure the distance between point 1 and point 2 for your radius corner measurement. POOL LINER BEAD: The pool liner bead is wedge shaped strip on the top of the wall to hold the liner in the receiver. We offer coupon-less sales that help you shop and get what you need at a Kidney shaped swimming pools have a natural shape Usually kidney shaped pools are built in-ground.

The important thing is to take the measurements from the bead receiver, wherever that may be.Rounded or radius corners must be squared off before measuring. provide step by step details that can help you install them.

Answer. 2009-05-13 02:03:57 2009-05-13 02:03:57. Gather up the items shown in the Measuring Item List above.

You will need a tape measure to figure out the dimensions of your above ground swimming pool. You can determine the average depth of a kidney-shaped pool by measuring the depths of the shallow and deep ends. Their liners use a “Standard” bead which is the most common type of bead used on vinyl inground swimming pool liners. For a kidney-shaped pool, add the deep and shallow end pool depths together and divide by two. Top Answer.

Try our free can provide the latest top quality information and relevant product education. For length, measurements D+E+F+G should add up to be equal to the overall length of your pool.

In shape, the kidney-shaped pool is similar to a long oval or ellipse with a nick on one of its sides. procedures to get the most from your purchase.Need an installation manual on one of our products?

All of our vinyl swimming pool liners come with a 20-year warranty and are 100% quality inspected before shipped.

Not certain it’s going to work, but it may be worth a try. We invite you to compare the quality, value, and warranty of Page 3 of the Kidney and Freeform measuring form gives directions for measuring the exact shape of your pool. Jul 31, 2019 - Explore Kevin Trahan's board "Kidney shaped pool" on Pinterest.

So, for measurement “G”, you will again use the pole to find the point where the flat part of the deep end stops and the slope up to the deep end wall begins, and you will measure from the deep end wall straight across to the string.Because all of these measurements are taken horizontally, all of the individual measurements of your bottom contour should add up to the overall length and width of your pool. All step measurements must be precise. In the diagram labeled “Wrong”, the actual slopes were measured, and so when you add all the dimensions up they turn out to be more than the overall width of the pool.For most pools, there will still be a few more measurements you need to take around the perimeter of the pool, and those will vary based on your specific pool shape.
**Be sure to DOUBLE CHECK that your dimensions along the length of the pool add up to equal the total length of the pool and that your width dimensions equal the total width.To measure the SLOPES of an EMPTY pool, simply hold a measuring stick or tape measure horizontally from the top of the slope, and drop a plumb bob from the ruler to where the slope meets the hopper pad and record this measurement.To measure the SLOPES of a FULL pool, take a long pole and feel where the slope meets the hopper pad or where the long slope meets the shallow end.

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