how to paint a gunite swimming pool

Aqua Blue: The steps have no cracks or damage other tan the blue has now faded to white. Want to turn it to a blue finish. I would like to use epoxy but will that work over the rubber?Unfortunately, epoxy paint will not adhere correctly when painting over a rubber paint.When is the best time to paint the pool and to let the paint dry with out it being empty and popping out of the ground.Hello Andrea - You'd want to paint the pool during a time a year when there has been little to no rain. Be aware that after the 4-5 years, the colors might not match exactly.Our gunite pool was professionally repainted with Ramuc epoxy 4-5 years ago. However it has the shortest lifespan, rated at one season for commercial pools and up to 2 years for residential. Freshen up the look of your old pool just in time for summer with a new coat of paint. Acrylic can be used on unpainted concrete and plaster pools. This is only a guide and the plaster colors might look a little different in person.

If you are unsure if there is an ASP professional in your area, visit our Just make sure you follow the preparation instruction closely. It is less chemical resistant than epoxy paint and can also chalk over time. Check with a boat maintenance dealer for a good marine enamel paint.What kind of paint can I use on the aluminum handle to my steps (wedding cake) into the above ground pool?

I would try and treat the stains before you consider painting the pool. How to Sandblast a Swimming Pool. These colors have been carefully chosen for their beautiful look and how fantastic they appear in the waters of a swimming pool. Which paint is best to use. If it doesn't dissolve, immerse a new chip in 75% mineral spirits and 25% Xylol, wait 30 seconds and rub the chip between your thumb and forefinger. I was planning to remove the old adhesive and reattached the old tile and possibly add cement to any spot needed.Jean - Sand the aluminum surface with a fine sandpaper and then paint it with a high-quality enamel spray paint. Can we spot paint these few areas with epoxy, without having to repaint the entire pool?Mike W - Please talk to our paint manufacturer, Ramuc, on this issue at 800-745-6756.I have read that rubber chloride paint can be painted over with epoxy if a "conversion coating" is applied first. In addition to cleaning and acid-washing, bare fiberglass or previously painted epoxy surfaces must be sanded to a #80 grit profile. Follow the instructions carefully.I have an older concrete pool that hasn't been used in several years. See this We have an unpainted gunnite pool what is the easiest cheapest way to paint it that may cover some uneven spots?Ron - The coverage for Ramuc EP Hi-Build Epoxy pool paint is 150 - 200 sq ft for bare surfaces (2 coats recommended) and 300-350 sq ft for recoat of a previously epoxy painted surface.How much square feet does a gallon of epoxy paint cover?Hoa - Have you looked at adding sand to the paint. Acrylic paints do not adhere well to epoxy.

It can be applied to a damp surface and dries to a high gloss finish. Painting a swimming pool is a quick, affordable way to make the interior surface look clean and fresh, but is this always the best idea?Before committing to this option, it is best to look at all of the pros and cons involved to make sure you are making an informed decision. The pool company has tried 3-4 different options and nothing is working.

These are Diamondbrite plaster colors from SGM. It has a life expectancy of up to 8 years and dries to a durable satin finish. Now what do I do since I'm not supposed to paint epoxy over acrylic?Emmanuel academy - If this is a new unpainted pool, the epoxy paint will be the most durable but requires more preparation.

The tiles around the top are almost completely gone. If it dissolves, the paint type is chlorinated rubber; if it does not, it is an epoxy.

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