how to plant irish moss between stepping stones

If you are a landscape gardening enthusiast of any type, you need to by Ideas4Landscaping, a package with many fabulous materials to stimulate task ideas.I believe you can go to exotic plant stores and buy moss, but you can also just wait and wait and wait until some pops up. The dense green matting hugs the ground and produces awl-shaped leaves.

Get your answers by asking now. It can also be planted between stepping stones or in … Plan the perfect garden with our interactive tool → It can be used as a ground cover that will require virtually no maintenance and will never need to be mowed or weeded. You also can purchase Irish moss starter plants at a greenhouse or nursery. Irish moss gets its name because it resembles the moss that you’re probably used to seeing. The buttermilk idea is a good one, maybe a combination of that approach and this one will work great.there is a couple of perennial mosses that can be obtained from a local garden center that has a good selection of perennials..they are irish moss that is dark green and very easy to grow and scotch moss that is lime green and multiplies readily...there is a whole bunch of different varieties of plants suitable for planting between stepping stones called "Steppables" available from a company named Simply Color Plants (wholesale only) that has a web site..both the above mentioned mosses must be in the shade...If you have employed in the previous landscape gardeners for tasks that ended up costing you tens of thousands of dollars then that other substitute is to make it easily from here Ideas4Landscaping is a comprehensive multimedia resource database of over 7000 substantial-resolution photos and 300 systematic guides, themes and video tutorials for folks searching for landscape ideas and inspiration all around their personal property. I encourage it because it adds a touch of permanence and character. Irish moss – With a soft, spongy texture, Irish moss grows best in moist, shady areas and keeps its short, compact appearance even when regularly stepped on. Remove any weeds and loosen the top of the soil with a hoe or rake. If you already have some growing in your yard, borrow from it to start new plants. Neither is a true moss; rather, they are creeping perennials that fill in to form a lush, velvet-like carpet, reaching only about 4 inches tall. Find some local moss that you like, put it in a blender with some buttermilk or plain yogourt, blend very briefly and pour the mix into the cracks. They are sturdy plants and won't be harmed. If your Irish Moss is forming less attractive mounds, and stepping them down isn't working, these can be cut to prevent overcrowding. Plant Irish moss in the spring after the last frost.Choose a shady spot to plant the Irish moss.

Use Irish and Scotch moss where a very low, fine-textured carpet of green or gold is desired, such as around stepping stones, between flagstones, or at … White, star-shaped flowers bloom on the end of thin stalks in the spring. Put a large piece of cardboard over the Irish moss. If your neighbors have Irish moss they may be happy to share it with you. I encourage it because it adds a touch of permanence and character. If you are planting between rocks or paving stones, just set the Irish moss starter into the spaces. The easiest way to acquire moss for the garden is to transplant a strip from your own or a neighbor's woods; few nurseries carry mosses. Moss will probably grow in dark, damp areas of the path. All Rights Reserved. Copyright Leaf Group Ltd. // Leaf Group Lifestyle. Although Irish moss will tolerate some sun, too much direct sunlight or heat will kill it.Create a shallow hole with a trowel or with your fingers, and plant the Irish moss in the hole, with each starter about 12 inches apart.

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