how to raise a crystal child

The children being born right now like ages 10 or 12 and under are all incorporated in this vibration, and this is why you think this new generation, even some teenagers and some in the twenties look rebellious or look careless, reckless. My two grandchildren, Arleen and Easton, what are they? That’s why they have a heightened sense to fix the world.Just like there are popular terms in the science community addressing these new generations as They are rebellious and unable to conform to dysfunctional situations at home, work, or school. I don’t know what’s the problem!

Idealistic in many ways, they personify the virtues of the Higher Self and point the way for the evolutions of Earth to accelerate spiritually. There’s no comprehension.Erik: This is when you see—not necessarily people who get in trouble a lot, but they’re the “outsiders.” They’re the ones that do things differently. However, just like our collective conscious Carl Jung called a phenomena This is how we are all connected. They had almost all of the information in the world available to them while they were growing up, only by pushing few buttons.These kids are happy and positive. He puts him above.Kim: Is this like a whole new—when I say “above,” he’s showing me vibration, so crystal and rainbow are very similar, vibrationally, and he’s putting Easton above that, outside of that vibration.Erik: Easton is very intuitive and telepathic. This is how all of us, unintentionally created the perfect environment for

The Crystal’s came after the Indigo’s. This affected their way of seeing the world. I stayed with this alcoholic jerk for 8 yrs.

That always comes first. They think here (pointing to my heart) instead of here (pointing to my head. Are they crystals or are they rainbows?Kim: He doesn’t even put Easton in either of those categories. However, the characteristics of crystal children and generation y individuals are almost exactly the same.

You must grasp the fact that EVERYTHING connects to everything else, even our thoughts.Émile Durkheim first introduced the collective conscious back in 1893 and described as the set of shared beliefs, ideas and moral attitudes which operate as a unifying force within society. They are like a breath of fresh air.

I don’t understand the 9 to 5 clock in, clock out thing.

It’s more prevalent, I guess would be the right word.Me: Quick personal question. Kim: He’s putting them both in the same category or in the same group. I guess I never knew that. Why are there parallels?Erik: Don’t think of it as tapping in. The chains I am referring to are actually their investment of energy, their mindset and character developed in a different era, with far less available information. )Me: Well, what’s the difference between the two? You’ve probably heard about A Lightworker is a person who can sense that there’s a lot of healing to be done on a large scale to the world. It could be someone you just met, and all of a sudden, you’re having the same thoughts. It’s just a little tweak in the vibration with the rainbows.Kim: Well do they just have those parallels with their parents?Me: What, are they able to tap in, telepathically or what? Hi, Kim!Me: Oh, the video was really stuttering for a while. So that’s what you mean?Erik: Yeah, having those parallels happen like that, you’ll see that a lot.

There’s a huge wave of consciousness shifting to a higher vibration.

That’s crazy!” When it actually transcends into the human awareness, you should be proud because it’s rare for that to happen.Erik: It’s happening more and more. Their mission is to build the foundation for a new society in which we will (eventually) all live in peace and goodwill. If you were both sitting in the same room on the same couch, you’d see the same thing. We had the same dream about these red-earred slider turtles slipping off the bow of a boat. © Life Coach Code - Copyright © 2015 It’s more like a place you reside to experience these simultaneous events.Erik: Mom, think about it like this. Their art, music, movies, businesses, even their lifestyles are inspired and driven by various superheroes they idolized while they were growing up.They are modern and more technologically advanced than generation x and y because they are raised in a period where humans are more connected than any time in the known human history. It’s like they were forced to raise their consciousness in an accelerated rate. If you want to raise children who have a good relationship with food and who feel confident in their bodies, it’s important to first examine the lens through which you feed them. Here are 10 of the main traits of Crystals Children. Use them to help you identify the special gifts of a Crystal kid (or adult!) in order to raise the child. This results in Newer generations are unbound from ‘the chains’ people who were constructing the modern society have been imprisoned with. HOW you view food, your past experiences, if left unresolved, can be an influencing factor … This is how we change the world. First, what are crystals and what are rainbows? The modern ways of life are disharmonious and harmful to ourselves and Nature, which we are all a part of.

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