how to sink an above ground pool

There are gallons of water to remove, as well as a large hole to fix.
The weight of the water against the side wall is the only thing keeping the pool from collapsing from the weight of the dirt on the outside.

When you say above ground pools can be buried, what exactly do you mean?We had our Doughboy buried, leaving about 8-10" above ground and a 7' deep end.

My goal is to make this the ultimate resource on the internet for anybody looking to choose the best items for their Home & Garden. But whoaaaa, we live in canada and didn't want to risk the frost heave in spite of the fact we leave more than enough water in the pool in the winter.

I looked at half in half out pools and still on the expensive side.

Oops! It really becomes a safety issue.
I don't know how to link the thread here for you to read the discussion between Dennis and myself. As you can tell from this article, the answer is no. The other thing is the cell is mounted to the return. Hi. Forums If you want to transform your backyard space around a pool, you will probably have to be willing to invest.We hope our article has answered your questions about your pool.

There are many reasons why this is a bad idea.Perhaps the biggest reason is it simply doesn’t work.

The look is not the same, either. Try to keep at least a foot of pool out of the ground and never drain the pool unless you have to. All steel wall above ground pools can be buried without problems. Metal surfaces will rust under wet soil conditions, and certain grades of plastic and vinyl will deteriorate as well. Pool collapse and repair would be solely at your expense. This pool has been sold under several names for over twenty years.

Some soils are made of clay, while others are made of sand and other softer materials. You could dig a pit and, as long as the walls were not touching the "dirt", it would be OK. That means that if you choose to sink an above-ground pool completely in the ground, you can void the warranty in doing so. Thanks so much for all the great information and experiences. If they are aware of the danger involved, they will avoid buying your home, and the money saved will become a loss.If anything, this probably makes your property look worse. In my mind it is probably the best pool that will ever be made by anyone. In this situation, it is best to accept early the limitations.If you like the look of an in-ground pool, pool manufacturers advise that an above-ground pool can in some parts of the country be So, the big question, is there any reason to turn your above ground pool into an in-ground pool? That is perfect for the height I wanted 54 inch.

Backfill to the top of the pool and lay pavers or build a deck to the hight of the top of the swimming pool. We will then give you our number one recommendation going forward.One of the biggest reason not to drop an above-ground pool completely in-ground is that it was not designed for that purpose. Pool manufacturers warn that although the average pool may look as if it is completely durable, it is not constructed to withstand external ground pressure.Soil stability differs across the U.S. You must log in or register to reply here. DH and I debated the "bury" issue for a long time (It's actually what led me to find this site :-D ).

It might seem like a cost-effective option to convert one of these swimming pool kits to a below ground pool, but the cost will add up if you have to replace it altogether.Savvy home buyers know that sinking an above-ground pool into the ground is not the same thing as building an in-ground pool. I was just perusing the Doughboy site to see what others did with their pools and they have some who completely buried theirs.

Don’t focus on what you don’t have, focus on what you do have.perfect for home is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com.This site is a project started by myself, Jason. He said there is no reason to check salt levels ever.

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