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Lycopodium squarrosum is closely related to ferns and mosses.

The genus Huperzia is widespread, occurring from Tasmania to the Northern Territory, and overseas throughout Asia, India and North America. Read more Show more. Huperzia dalhausiana $ 100.00. Fertilize with a slow release fertilizer such as This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Learn about how we're operating during this challenging time. They are related to the terrestrial clubmosses, however most of the genus Huperzia are epiphytic and hemi-epiphytic species. Adding these treasures to your collection can really elevate the aesthetic of your grow space and allow you to enjoy it even more.
Established, 2 or 3 stems in 3″ pots. As discussed above, placement is key.

Most of our species do best under bright shade. We love adding bromeliads between our tropical pitcher plants for a burst of color and texture!
It also goes by the name rock tassel fern or club moss and is now classified into a subgenus called Huperzia. I have not had many problems with Huperzia except this white scale. Generally the key to succeed in growing this plant is good air movement, with relatively high humidity and perfect drainage that constantly moist but not soggy (allow water flows throughout rapidly). This form came from a nursery in Thailand, and may be from there. Aroids, bromeliads, ferns and orchids are just a few companion plants for Nepenthes. Read more Show more. OPEN 7 DAYS     |     In a mix like this, Tassel Ferns will require almost daily water in summer.Tassel Ferns suffer few pest and disease issues. We have been multiplying some of our companion plants and they will be available here from time to time.Make sure to sign up for our Newsletter for blog updates and to be notified when we add more plants to our Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review.Check your inbox or spam folder to confirm your subscription. Requires regular water. The list goes on! Huperzia mirabilis $ 25.00. Lycopodium squarrosum makes a great specimen in the Nepenthes collection.There are so many plants that enjoy the same conditions as Nepenthes, most  love high humidity and bright indirect light. White scale does not grow as fast of brown scale but it is not as easy to kill. Aroids add bizarre leaf shapes and orchids make great conversation pieces! RedLeaf Exotics. Read more Show more. Out of stock. Tassel Ferns are found mainly in rainforests and many prefer a humid situation. They also need consistent high humidity, yet plenty of good air movement. Read more Show more. All Rights Reserved. Tassel Ferns are a variable genus of epiphytic plant, related to ferns and clubmoss. Huperzia goebelii $ 20.00. I use Eight (permethrin) by soaking the ferns in bucket solution every 8 days for 2-3 treatments. Shop / Lycopodium / Huperzia squarrosa (Siam) Huperzia squarrosa (Siam) $ 25.00. They are naturally epiphytic and are found growing on both trees or rocks which they use as hosts. Our collection has grown significantly over the years and we regularly take divisions from some of our favorite gems. Possibly a candidate for a terrarium. This pest takes it home under the tips of the Huperzia and eventually will kill the plant. Most of the commonly grown species require full shade, no direct sun. Only the bluish species that prefer a bit more shade. AlthoughBeing an epiphyte, most Huperzia species do best in an open bark mix. Huperzia elmeri $ 20.00. They also look nice mounted on driftwood. 8AM - 4PM     |    

However, most of the epiphytes require similar care, climatic variations notwithstanding. Orchid mix is often suitable. This combination of requirements makes them tricky to place for the average gardener.

However, they may attract scale and mealybug, especially if stressed.Moderately easy to care for. The genus Huperzia is widespread, occurring from Tasmania to the Northern Territory, and overseas throughout Asia, India and North America. Updating… No products in the cart.

1; 2; 3 . Coarse perlite or styrofoam chunks are often added to make the mix even more open and airy. It should do well in a basket or pot, but could be mounted. Do not let it dry out. N. truncata – giant x boschiana ‘EP’ BEGINNERS PLANT!© Copyright 2018.

Cart 0; Genus Notes. As such, they are best grown under shade cloth or in a ‘bush house’ for orchids. This is a more compact grower than other forms I have. They can be found growing in Thailand, Madagascar, Australia, China, Indonesia, Micronesia, Taiwan, Fiji … Ferns add a softness to the environment and really make the colorful pitchers stand out. Lycopodium squarrosum (Huperzia squarrosa) XL $89.00 Lycopodium squarrosum is a very cool plant! Tassel Ferns are from both Huperzia and Phlegmariurus species, a number are readily available for sale and they grow well in hanging baskets.

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