ike jones and inger stevens daughter

At the Academy Awards show of 1959, Inger made a brief appearance on stage showing off one of her gorgeous 19th century outfits designed by Oscar-nominated Edith Head.Inger’s passionate affair with the married director Quinn wreaked havoc on her as it’s end brought on an acute bout of depression. . The film’s alternate title was The Long Ride Home, which was also the name of Eddy Arnold’s tune during the opening credits. The absurdity of it all is that the floppy-looking Matthau in no way rates Inger, whose figure is placed on dazzling, bikini-clad display here and who (to this writer) is sexier than Sue Ane Langdon, tawdry Elaine Devry, and the rest of the distaff cast.

Columnist Hedda Hopper probably said it best: “When Inger Stevens turns those questioning blue eyes on an audience, they’ve had it.”On camera, Inger evoked instant sympathy. According to Patterson’s biography, Inger once remarked in an interview that when actors work together an involvement can easily occur both on and off the set. Inger’s natural warmth and incandescent beauty was on full display in the TV travelogue Inger Stevens In Sweden, an informative panoramic look at her native country. Expectations of romance between Katy and the Congressman kept loyal viewers glued to the set.While the steadiness of a TV series was inviting, Inger did comment in a 1964 radio interview that it openly affected her social life. She enjoyed oil painting and making/wiring lamps out of glass and copper or brass tubing.As viewership declined into the second season, the producers of The Farmer’s Daughter decided to have the two beloved TV characters finally declare their love for each other in order to bolster the ratings.

When the outbreak of World War II prompted his move to the United States in late 1940, the children were left behind to fend for themselves with only a family maid providing any sort of parenting.

As a child, she was often ill.

McNally told police that she had spoken to Stevens the previous night and had seen no sign of trouble.
McNally told police that she had spoken to Stevens the previous night and had seen no sign of trouble. Little did anyone know that Inger’s outstanding contribution to A Dream of Kings, one of her finest in years and one that might have been a contender for Oscar had it received better distribution, would be her last.Unwisely turning down Jane Fonda’s Oscar-nominated role in They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? Patterson claims Inger purposely “went along with the media and agreed to the many wild stories they printed” in order to help promote Man on Fire.In the meantime, the Paramount publicity train worked overtime promoting their new film star. According to McNally, when she called Stevens' name, she opened her eyes, lifted her head, and tried to speak, but was unable to make any sound. “A career can’t put its arms around you,” she once lamented. “You end up like Grand Central Station with people just coming and going. Inger’s biographer, William Patterson, played down the Crosby/Stevens relationship and deemed it mild, if anything. She was a shy, introverted girl who was first drawn to acting after witnessing the magic of her father’s performances (in particular, his role as Ebenezer Scrooge) in local amateur theater shows.The family moved to Mora, about 200 miles northwest of Stockholm, when she was four.

She was, in effect, trying to put out the flames by dousing them with gasoline.Following her recovery, the actress began an intense period of self-examination with a new drive. Within two years, however, her mother had abandoned the family for another man. What should have been an exciting experience turned into an unpleasant, shiver-inducing ordeal that took an exhausting eleven hours, and over a three-consecutive-night period, to complete.Chicago’s “Greektown” is celebrated in the ethnic drama A Dream of Kings (1969), a film that reunited Inger with old Buccaneer flame Anthony Quinn. According to McNally, when she called Stevens’ name, she opened her eyes, lifted her head, and tried to speak, but was unable to make any sound.

Inger, Mai Britt and Ingrid Gould were given a three-page color photo spread in Life magazine with the headline “Sumptuous Swedish Smorgasbord.” Moreover, as the new cool blonde in town, the nascent film actress won an audition for the upcoming Alfred Hitchcock film Vertigo (1958) in the hopes of becoming the iconic director’s newest blonde find (Grace Kelly had been lost to Prince Rainier of Monaco). The divorce was finalized in 1958 and Stevens was believed never to have remarried, though speculation around her relationships remained rife and a secret marriage was discovered after her death.After a stint in a chorus line and a few stage productions, Stevens caught the attention of Hollywood and starred in her first film, “Man on Fire,” opposite Bing Crosby.What followed was a career that deftly navigated TV and film, achieving great success in both – a rarity for the time.

One plane in jeopardy, quite interestingly, is called 20th Century Airlines!Though the plot is hard to believe, Inger becomes the emotional catalyst for much of the film’s tension and she nearly runs away with the picture.

He said that after all the bills got paid there was nothing left over – kind of like their marriage. As a child, she was often ill. The product of a broken home, she was born Inger Stensland in Stockholm, on October 18, 1934, named in honor of Ingebiorg, a Norse princess.

Whether riding a bicycle as she explored famous historic and cultural landmarks or conducting interviews with everybody from the rich and famous to your average on-the-street commoner, Inger was the epitome of the perfect hostess.The Farmer’s Daughter was a change-of-pace comedy role for the actress, who went on to earn a Golden Globe award and Emmy nomination during its three-season run of 101 episodes. As a child, she was often ill.

The relationship was fraught with tension and was marked by long separations. Her later leading ladies revealed a mature, worldly wise resourcefulness that arose from lessons learned in the school of hard knocks. As gorgeous as Inger was, talent was her first and foremost salable item, and she pursued with fierce determination a meaningful career not based on looks alone.Like the lovely Natalie Wood, Inger grew more beautiful and sensual with age.

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