ikea galant desk weight limit

Modern desktop design with comfortable armrest support.

In the past few years, I've gone through a fair number of desks at home. I'm not entirely sure how those plastic anchors help, but I do remember my first GALANT desk being wobbly because I didn't do the screws tight enough -- my fault. A second test I performed for stability included a 50 lbs. So we complete the circle: back to GALANT.1 80x120 cm Beech Veneer desk with Frame (CAD$ 120)You kind of get what you pay for. I have 2 Ikea Galant desks at my place. With a listed weight capacity of 154 lbs., I was eager to test it with additional weight.

This used Ikea Desk comes from the Galant collection and it measures 60"W x 79"L and 32"D. Both side of the desk end in bullet oval shape that allows for additional seating space and work.
A clean look that’s easy to like and mix with other styles, either supporting a desk or standing alone.

Place the frame at the middle My measurements for the left-sided corner desk Frame length – 146cm (7cm on each side) GALANT length – 160cm Frame width – 97cm GALANT width – 120cm (12cm on each side) 4.

This was not a good enough connection for me to feel comfortable loading up the desk with heavy equipment. Of the eight other desks I tested under $800, none held this little weight or moved as slow.We have had the IKEA Bekant in our office for about three months now. A 60x120 cm table is rated at "80 kg" ("176 lb") on the Ikea website -- seems like many tables on Ikea's site are rated at the same, regardless of size, even a glass model.

That desk height is only suitable for users that are under five feet tall, which left the desk completely useless while it didn’t function properly.Stability was very close to being my first choice for my IKEA Bekant problems post. This means the non functioning desk is your only option.The IKEA Bekant is the only desk that I have tested with a weight capacity under 160 lbs. If you have the T-type legs, it is necessary to have an assistant to hold the end of the desk or table you are working under.

Going down with the max capacity of 154 lbs., the speed dropped to as low as .33” per second.

After testing this desk for three months I would say it ranks at the bottom and isn’t worth the $500 price tag at the store either.If you’ve read my other posts, you know that I’m fair with all of the products I test. It does go up and down a little wobbly but other than that, I’m happy with it. There's been that MFD, oversized, poorly designed thing tha...My mouth is agape right now. Pricing on the Learning Center is for reference only. That thing was unstable. You could feel how difficult it was to move the columns up and down. While the cheap fasteners made for quick assembly time, the top and base were never completely secure. It was actually bought because the individual whom this was ...You've decided on an Ikea table, but you can't figure out which leg type to buy. The IKEA Bekant is the least stable standing desk i’ve tested and second place is not even close.

You can mix and match table tops and legs. As the desk columns move, natural rubbing of the glides occurs on the inner column, over time this will eventually create wear marks on the inner column. You could actually slide the top around a bit because of the play left with the plastic fasteners.
They both hold the table up, they're both heigh...In the past few years, I've gone through a fair number of desks at home. I find it to be a very stable platform, very customizable right from the start in terms of leg choices, desk size, and desk appearance.

If you decide to pull one from their stock, I would plan on going back to the store to get a replacement. You can get one the same dimensions as your old melamine desk (the Galant might be a tad deeper) for $270 CAD. The desk also comes with a combination pedestal that has 2 drawers on the outside but 2 … And if you check out Craigslist, there are a LOT of L-tables for sale because I'm guessing people are moving out and they can't fit it in their car or new place -- don't be one of them. All of these issues are likely deal breakers, and with my personal experience with the Bekant, I would have a hard time recommending it.While it was a toss up for me on what to put number one, the electronics failure edged out stability because of one reason. The most expensive part may be buying new legs if you're not going overboard on the expansion. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. You can mount the table top at a height that suits you, since the legs are adjustable between 23⅝" and 35⅜". Get crafty with the IKEA LACK TV unit, IKEA GALANT adjustable A-frame legs, and a base frame, to build this TV console desk. I actually bought a replacement leg after I thought I broke one. In fact, I would recommend staying below the max weight capacity of 154 lbs.I recently pulled the IKEA Bekant standing desk frame apart to get a better understanding of why it was so unstable.

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