ikea vittsjo coffee table hack

I like to bring out the potential of items and make them work a little harder for me if possible. It never did it!! This Hack costs close to nothing, but it has a big impact! You are so creative!

Ikea Vittsjo Coffee Table Hack Under 5 Bucks! One of the easiest Ikea coffee table hacks I have done so far is the Ikea Vittsjo coffee table and Vittsjo shelf unit transformation. Thank you for letting me know Do you worry about it smelling like spray paint after it’s done? It’s so cute. Thank you.what brand spray paint and gold shade/colour did you use?I love everything! I mean, even though it was a $60 Ikea Vittsjo coffee table, and it had served our family for about three years now, I knew it still had some life in it. LOL thank you for the inspiration. i bought the malm storage last weekend and now i’m gonna pimp it! The larger portion of the table has a bottom shelf made of mdf, and the top is glass.I took the glass piece and traced it on some thin plywood leftover from I then created a frame, by cutting my 1″x2″‘s:  Two for the length of the table, approximately 35 3/8, and two for the depth of the table approximately 17 3/4″, basically using the metal frame as my template.I screwed the frame together, using 1.5″ screws. The 1×4 was cut into four 35 3/8″ slats for the table top, these would serve as my slotted top.I lined the boards up on the frame and eyeballed the spacing of the slats, ensuring they lined up on the edges of the table was my priority. Since I keep getting questions on this table, I’m doing a quick post to share the steps and the spray paint I’ve used.If you love a good Ikea Hack, make sure to check my Keep in mind that it is better to spray paint before assembling the piece. My couch is gray. Want to use the same gold spray as you but the one you list does not seem to be available.

i’m new with my interior blog on instagram and just starting and developing my interior skills and growing my amounts of items slowlyy (@namu.interior). The Ikea hack looks AMAZING! I then placed the support brackets vertically across the horizontal slats and screwed them down.Then I placed the end pieces on each end of the table and nailed them into the frame using 2″ brad nails.I then filled any holes and cracks and sanded them down with a combo of a sander and sanding blocks, paying close attention to the edges and corners.Next, I stained the wood using a combination of stains–I very rarely use the stain directly out of the can-I always mix and match until I get the color that I desire.

Guys, do you remember a little over a year ago, when I was working on the So it goes like this:  I had been thinking up this project for weeks. For the spray paint, did you use brass or gold. I don’t want silver or nickel. i love this, going to give it a try.

Thank you for that. I’m super excited to share with you this super easy, total overhaul of these nesting ikea coffee tables. It was so easy, just spray paint and bam! Thank you so much!!

In creating the Whenever I dream up an idea I always hit pinterest to see if I am the only one who thought of this-and if not, why reinvent the wheel??? This is a 5×8, what is the size of ur living room? My favorite! Would you be so kind to tell me what the size of your rug is? Do you also remember when I created this little DIY Ikea coffee table hack, and I was so excited to share all about how I did it? I have loved your table since I laid eyes on it. In hindsight, brad nails and nail glue would have worked just as well and would have been less noticeable.Next, I used my stapler and 1″ brad nails and nailed the frame to the plywood from underneath.I then caulked the seams on the inside of the table top frame.Once dry, I filled nail holes and splintered wood and sanded the base and frame until smooth, rounding the sharp edges slightly.Next, I needed to build a top–I ran back out to the store and grabbed 2-1x4x6’s and 1 more 1″x2″.I cut the 1″x2″ into two 17″ end pieces for table top, and then two-16″ support brackets for the slotted top. I usually give it 3 coats, let it dry fully between coats and then assemble.If you have the piece assembled already, it’s not a problem at all. We had a perfectly good coffee table that was no longer of use to us. Just turn the table around a couple of times to get all the sides.In my Ikea Vittsjo hack, I did not change the bottom shelf of the coffee table, though if you want to get more creative, you could use a I love this shelf so much, even on its original color, as styled Hope it was helpful and I will be back with more posts once we close on our new home!I am going to IKEA this weekend. Yes, I think it would look lovely with the gray sofa! Very helpful ideas, where did you get the pink flowers on the white vase?

It means so much to me, I do this just for fun, so knowing I inspire one person here or there is the best feeling!! Imagine my surprise to learn it’s an IKEA hack.

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