in tuck everlasting who did winnie marry

2:26. What year does Tuck Everlasting take place? first two years of college and save thousands off your degree. She had to decide whether to go to the spring (if she hadn’t already) and drink the magic water. Winnie bunks on the sofa, only to find out she can't sleep. The Watsons Go to Birmingham: Summary, Characters & Theme Winnie doesn't have time to be frightened, and notices that her "kidnappers," the Tucks, are far more frightened than she is. She hits him on the head with a gun barrel, fatally fracturing his skull, just as the constable arrives. Kerry has been a teacher and an administrator for more than twenty years. She also remembered the regret the Tucks had for drinking the water in the first place. In 'Tuck Everlasting' by Natalie Babbitt, Winnie Foster, the protagonist, is the only character that has a choice in this story about whether or not she wants eternal life. Winnie shows her loyalty to the Tucks when she lies to the constable and claims that she willingly came to the Tuck home. Create an account to start this course today The Tucks explained to Winnie how their former community had driven them out because they did not age, and they did not dare to make new friends who would eventually learn their secret. courses that prepare you to earn Heart of Darkness Study Guide

You had great writing and I enjoyed reading it.I have to different opinions on what happened to Winnie after she turned seventeen. What is a Plot Diagram? The plot revolves around a 15-year-old girl named Winnie Foster, who is from a restrictive upper-class family. Before departing, Jesse gives Winnie a bottle of the special water so she might drink it when she turns 17 and follow them and marry him. She was a wife and a mother, but now she is gone. She probably was sad she would never see Jesse again but she would always remember him. She develops a deep love for Jesse Tuck, a one-hundred-four-year-old boy trapped in a seventeen-year-old’s body for all of eternity. Miles' wife and children had come to live with his family when he was a boy, and he heard rumors of their secret. Many years later, Mae and Angus Tuck return to Treegap and find that it has changed a great deal – the wooded area is gone and so is their spring; the town has become a typical suburban metropolis.

After breaking Mae out, Winnie hugs and kisses each of the Tucks for the last time. Jesse wanted Winnie to marry him when she was 17 and he wanted her to drink the water from the spring when she was 17.
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The first thing I thought about was what her thoughts were when she was 17. This way, whichever room she is in, the Tucks will always be in her heart.I thought about many possibilities of what could have happened after Winnie turned 17.There are multiple things that Winnie must have thought about and have happen to her on and after her 17th birthday. Though Angus Tuck is saddened by this, he also secretly praises Winnie for choosing not to drink the water. The Tucks explain to Winnie that the spring grants eternal life to anyone who drinks its water, effects which they discovered by accident. Literary Devices: Definition & Examples In the end she chose to live a regular normal life and to marry a regular normal guy. One thought is Winnie had the decision to make to go drink the water and live forever and go married Jessie, or not to drink the water and die and not marry Jessie. What is the setting of the book Tuck... I thought about many different things that happened in Winnie’s life after she turned 17.

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