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The whole day was a blur of celebrating with the ones who were happy and consoling the ones who were disappointed.—Roy Phitayakorn, MD, MHPE (MEd), FACS; General and Endocrine Surgery Director, Office of Surgery Education Research, The Massachusetts General Hospital; Senior Education Research and Development Consultant, NEJM GroupI was a resident in Ireland on Match Day. The residency interview process is your chance to dig deep beneath the surface rankings to figure all this out.Assuming you’re a U.S. medical school senior, have set your sights on internal medicine as a first choice, and have made a realistic assessment of probabilities for matching to specific programs, the interview process is also where the balance of power begins to shift in your favor.

For example, will there be competition for patients and procedures from other programs such as Family Medicine? While you certainly will be selling yourself to program directors and others, internal medicine residency programs will also be working to sell themselves to you.While a complete list of factors to consider falls beyond the scope of this post, we focus here on key areas and provide a set of aggregated links to useful follow-up resources:The number one factor for balancing program rank or prestige is educational rigor and value.

Internal Med Residency. Data Reports. Internal medicine involves detecting, treating and preventing diseases in adult patients.

Student forums on the subject, for example, are rife with references to Top 10, Top 25, Top 30 programs, and so forth.With 444 internal medicine residency programs in all, it is safe to assume there are many excellent programs that fall outside the so-called top tiers and will be, for many students, far better fits for various reasons.

To assess a program’s educational rigor and value, some questions to ask in interviews and on tours include:While program administrators and current residents will provide their own perspectives on these and other questions, applicants are also strongly encouraged to seek conversations with recent program graduates who have less motivation to try to sell the program to you.Beyond education rigor and value lie all the operational aspects of internal medicine residency programs. For example, if your #1 goal is to match for cardiology fellowship then you probably want to go to a program with a strong cards match but they may not be as strong in terms of GI or nephrology or primary care or whatever.Where would you look to find out that info?

Whats the cutoff, like if you can get into a top 80 or better are you safe (safe as in you dont need to worry about matching to residencies as long as you dont flunk out in med school), or how does it work?Like for example Drexel is 87 on there, and its in-state for me, so I'll most likely apply there. It looked like most of the residents wanted to go into trauma.” – Posted 06/22/2020

Location definitely matters.

Is that safe enough if I wanted to go for something like pathology or psychiatry? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcutsCookies help us deliver our Services. Close. Internal Med Residency . At what point do you consider a school "bad" in these rankings?

M. Official 2020-2021 Rheumatology Fellowship Application Cycle . I have been freaking out quite a bit about this, but am also scheduled to retake this exam w results before ERAS gets submitted. 119. Applied here but ranked it pretty low.

Luckily, the patient wasn’t too sick, so I could leave her to go log on to the website. I'm looking at NEJM Knowledge + vs Medchallenger.

… Has half the residents showing up in the other program.Their rankings are essentially a survey of PDs.

Note that the ratings are highly subjective (maybe even more so than med school rankings).Remember that a higher ranked residency might not truly be “better” for you than one that appeals to to you geographically, has a specific niche, or just feels “right”.Be very weary of the reputation rankings listed by Doximity. After spending all my vacation time interviewing, I was back on a medicine team and I was on call on Match Day! Many internal medicine residents, however, do further subspecialty training.

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