is it illegal to kill groundhogs in maryland

Groundhogs are out of hibernation!

It will eventually be a foot wide with a mound of soil around it. They can also be live-trapped with fresh fruit or vegetables used as baitWe embody the University's land-grant mission with a commitment to eliminate hunger, preserve our natural resources, improve quality of life, and empower the next generation through world-class education. They are territorial and feel incredibly vulnerable when their burrows are invaded.

Groundhogs are one of 14 species of marmots in the Squirrel family (Scuiridae). Groundhogs in Maryland are commonly on the hunt for food. ” As such: A hunting license and furbearer permit are not required to hunt nutria and woodchucks except in Baltimore County, where a hunting license is required to hunt woodchucks. The nutria and woodchuck (groundhog) are classified as “unprotected mammals. At Shumaker’s Animal Control, we can safely and humanely trap the groundhog and relocate it to an ideal wildlife location. Woodchuck (groundhog, chuck, whistle-pig, whistle pig) More Images.

If you have any questions about fox removal or other rodent control, contact Shumaker’s Animal Control by calling (443) 854-8072 or First of all, its digging activities are extensive and could potentially compromise the entire structure. If a groundhog is wreaking havoc on your property, do not try to trap it yourself!

The network of tunnels can cover an area underground ranging from 8 to 66 feet, and is used for several years. We advise that you never attempt to capture a groundhog without professional help, as you may get injured. If you intend to live trap a groundhog, contact the Nuisance Wildlife Information Line at 1-877-463-6497 for more information.

Groundhogs will do their best to protect their burrows by showing their two large incisors and front claws in an attempt to ward off the predator. They may also burrow under garden sheds or other outdoor structures.Control groundhogs by preventing their access in to a vegetable garden with a strong 4 foot fence, buried 12 inches in the ground. The entrance hole is made larger as the animal grows. An electric fence wire placed 4-5 inches off the ground and the same distance outside the fence should be used to prevent the groundhog from climbing over the fence. They also eat grubs, grasshoppers, insects, snails, and other small animals.If a groundhog found its way into your home or you worry that its burrow near your home may be disrupting the structure of your foundation, you should work to get it removed. Groundhogs prefer to live in open country areas that are nearby edges of woodland. Do you want those chompers biting you?It’s springtime, do you know what that means?

They eat almost any plant material and are especially fond of tomatoes.

The burrow system is also where they raise their young. A groundhog usually travels no more than 150 feet from its den to feed.Groundhogs can cause real problems for home vegetable and flower gardeners. They breed in March and produce a single litter of two to six young. They are excellent burrowers known to use burrows for sleeping, rearing young, and hibernating. Their burrows are elaborate, usually having between two to five entrances that allow them to successfully escape from predators. No permit is required to trap a groundhog.

A groundhog under your Maryland deck or shed is a dangerous neighbor.

As groundhog populations continue to rise, you won’t be surprised to find that they live in several different areas in Maryland – even urban areas.

The entrances are usually well-hidden and can be difficult to find. Groundhogs have short, powerful legs with dark brown feet equipped with heavy claws specialized for digging.

This free permit can be obtained by calling the Maryland Nuisance Wildlife Hotline at 877-463-6497. We are the Kingsville rodent control experts and can help you return your house to a cozy pest-free home. These large rodents can get up to 2 feet long and can weigh up to 14 pounds.

Is it wreaking havoc on your garden? Groundhogs in Maryland are commonly on the hunt for food.

Their burrows can be as deep as five feet, usually with more than one entrance. Their body is covered with grizzled, grayish brown fur down its back. Shumaker’s Animal Control is a twenty-five-year veteran of the animal and pest control profession. The diet of a groundhog usually consists of wild grasses and other vegetation like berries and agricultural crops when they are in season. In the meantime, let us fill you in on some more information about groundhogs.As we mentioned, groundhogs love to burrow. Second of all, groundhogs are known to gnaw on wood, chew on underground electrical cables and excavate large amounts of dirt. Its front feet are very powerful for digging burrows. However, permission is required from the landowner before releasing into suitable habitat.

Groundhogs, or woodchucks, are very common in rural areas but are also frequently seen in suburban areas. If you have a fox problem, call today! Foxes have the potential to carry dangerous disease organisms.

If you are in need of can help.

Groundhogs are normally in their burrows at night. Their burrows are elaborate, usually having between two to five entrances that allow them to successfully escape from predators.Has a groundhog found its way into your home? They are excellent burrowers known to use burrows for sleeping, rearing young, and hibernating. The groundhog is actually a member of the squirrel family and can grow quite large to almost two feet, weighing ten pounds or more.

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