is kiln dried pine safe for rats

While rats are considered low maintenance, these requirements are widely regarded as the bare minimums required for rat care giving.Rats have sensitive respiratory systems and due to the ammonia in their urine, they need proper ventilation that tanks do not provide. To avoid these issues, use a cage calculator to determine if your cage is big enough.Rats are smart creatures and will get bored without proper stimulation. The same goes for the material that hide boxes and cages are made out of (if they are made of wood). However, they must be carefully prepared before being given to your bunny. We bought kiln dried aspen bedding and its alot dustier than the pine. The Spruce Pets uses only high-quality sources, including peer-reviewed studies, to support the facts within our articles. Are ''Pillow Wad'' Kiln Dried Dust Extracted Woodshavings safe- as I've heard such a lot over the internet saying pine shavings cause respiritory problems in hamsters?

Options such as recycled paper bedding (such as CareFresh) are preferred over wood shavings for their absorption qualities and softer texture. Kiln dried dust free is supposedly safe. Aspen shavings are the safest of the wood shavings available at pet stores if you still must use them but you should avoid pine shavings… It's a much better option to offer a bedding that will allow these natural behaviors, is absorbent and effective against ammonia for the health of your rats. I used to use Auboise for my rats. Ensure the room is rat proof and let them roam the floor. Solid waste tends to fall below the top level of the bedding, so that rats are in less direct contact with their waste.

On this page, I will go over some recommended options, as well as options to use with caution and those to avoid completely.Kiln-Dried Pine is just about the best option for use with rats. Can't do a full hour? Nearly all pine shavings sold for use with animals is kiln-dried. Kiln-Dried Pine is just about the best option for use with rats. Why Does My Rat Leave Drops of Urine Everywhere When He Is Playing? Adrienne Kruzer, RVT, has worked with a variety of animals for over 15 years, including birds of prey, reptiles, and small mammals. Pine shavings are never recommended for rats. Small cages can lead to boredom, barbering, territorial issues, and more. The only issue I've noticed with this bedding is some brands can be a bit dusty. The kiln-drying process removes the harmful phenols in the wood, making it completely safe. They will burrow under them, or even rip them apart to use the pieces as nesting material. Carefresh Naturals and other similar beddings can also be a good option for rats. Since it is a pelleted bedding, it can be a bit hard on rat feet. Rats may develop sores or small cuts on their feet and might itch due to the wood being irritating to their skin. While it looks nice, at least initially, and it's very soft, fleece does nothing for ammonia control. Navigation [0] Message Index [*] Previous page. If you choose to use pine pellets, it's a good idea to mix the pellet with something softer, such as pine shavings, so that rats can still dig, burrow and nest. Choosing an appropriate bedding for your rats can be difficult. The kiln-drying process removes the harmful phenols in the wood, making it completely safe. Other beddings that should not be used include bedding that is scented or has baking soda. Raw pine shavings are not and can harm their lungs with their hydrocarbons/phenols. It's very inexpensive and readily available. There are many other animals to choose from that have different requirements and may be better suited for you. There are many options, and some really should be avoided for the health and safety of your rats.
Not enough to make me say it was definitely the pine because I never had them retested afterward, but enough to make me suspicious of using it again.Aspen is about the same price and has good absorbency, and is known to be safe, so there is no reason in my opinion to risk using pine, kiln dried or otherwise.I wish there were more comments in this thread but I think it just goes to show that you've asked a really difficult question.While the negative effects of phenols have been studied, the claim that even regular pine shavings are harmful to the overall health of rats is a bit anecdotal. It also tends to be very dusty and many include deodorizers or baking soda, which would not be safe to use with rats. While it would be very low dust, and would be soft, it would be best used in conjunction with another more appropriate bedding. But don't medicate your rats if they're on pine. But, they are generally absorbent and effective at neutralizing ammonia. Pine cones make a great chew and play toy for bunnies. If you insist on using fleece, please keep it very clean and offer your rats appropriate outlets so they can practice natural behaviors.
Some say that pine is safe if kiln-dried, some say it is never safe, and some say it is always safe and it is just cedar that is bad. I'm not arguing that phenols aren't shown to be unhealthy, I just don't know the exposure levels are from pine bedding and what exact effects they'll have over time.It's all a big question mark for me and because of that, I just try to avoid pine.Here are a couple interesting contradictory articles;New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be castLooks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Aspen is a hardwood, which does not have the same phenols as pine or other softwoods. Kiln dried pine is said to be safe because they cook the moisture and Phenols out of them. When used as a liner on a solid shelf or level, fleece does not absorb liquids - it wicks liquids, so urine passes right through and sits on the solid surface. The dust isn't necessarily the problem.

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