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“We are doing everything in our power, everything, to address it, and we have even enlisted the assistance of an outside security firm.”The incident does not stand alone.

“Yellowstone is investing tons of time, money, and effort to prevent data theft,” Stern said. These funders say there have been other arrests over the last few years but that the companies did not want to draw attention to them. A former Yellowstone Capital employee was arrested yesterday in New York City, the culmination of what Yellowstone CEO Isaac Stern said was a nearly year-long investigation that involved law enforcement in New York, New Jersey and Florida. "We have a solid foundation and a very successful business model," said Stern… “They think we don’t know, but we know the industry. The former employee was charged as a Fugitive of Justice in New York. When Yellowstone opened a Florida office in May 2017, the man was rehired by Yellowstone to manage the data entry operation at the new office. A number of The team Stern refers to is what he says has now become a separate Yellowstone office at an undisclosed location that is devoted exclusively to security. Yellowstone Capital was co-founded by David Glass, who was still on probation for insider trading when he founded Yellowstone. Ultimately we will catch you.” You’re Under Arrest: Funder Takes Extreme Measures to Counter Data Theft Last year, a man on Long Island Greenbox Capital, for example, a funder in Miami, FL Using a cell phone to take pictures of confidential data may not help rogue employees evade detection, according to several funders who have said there are methodologies to spot this behavior but declined to explain what they are. I was renewing several of my clients at this point, and called Steve to ask for my Balances. “We take ISO information extremely serious,” Yellowstone’s Stern explained, lamenting that the value of deal data can inevitably foster rogue behavior, which they are constantly monitoring for. The former employee was charged as a … That’s because it could be used to offer that client a loan, advance or other service. )created a task force comprised of cyber security professionals that ultimately traced the leak to this former employee. At the company’s behest, local police entered Yellowstone’s Jersey City office and handcuffed a female employee who was believed to be engaged in the theft and misappropriation of financial data.A spokesperson for Yellowstone would not comment on the events nor release the name of the accused. When asked more generally about the risks of data leakage in the industry, Yellowstone Capital CEO Isaac Stern said that his company is operating on the edge of hyper vigilance. Yellowstone Capital LLC’s principal, Mr. Isaac Stern, has informed us that his personal philosophy is that his clients are a precious resource. Following his termination, Stern said that the company noticed a trend where merchants were being solicited after submitting new deals. Put another way, the personal information of a single performing client could be worth as much as $10,000 or more if it gets into the wrong hands.

And he is being charged with 3rd degree Theft by Deception and two computer related crimes in New Jersey, according to Stern. And the risk of getting caught may not merely be termination, as evidenced by arrests that have taken place thus far. Perpetually peppy at 53, with sparkly jewelry and a glittery manicure, Duncan was running a struggling Florida real estate agency with her husband, Doug. He then left the company on his own volition to move to Florida. A former Yellowstone Capital employee was arrested yesterday in New York City, the culmination of what Yellowstone CEO Isaac Stern said was a nearly year-long investigation that involved law enforcement in New York, New Jersey and Florida. Co-founded in 2009 by Stern and the stock salesman who inspired the movie “Boiler Room,” Yellowstone is one of the biggest players in cash … Above: Yellowstone Capital CEO Isaac Stern takes the lead as police escort out the arrested employee behind him An employee of Yellowstone Capital was arrested last month, according to a source who witnessed the events. (Backdooring is when a broker submits a potential deal to a funder and that file leaks out to third parties whom the broker did not authorize to handle the information. He said Yellowstone spent about $250,000 developing this external office and upgrading the company’s security systems.

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