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Jo Tu Chahay Episode 8 Story Review - Nothing Exciting. She is mistreated by her aunts, Tayi Ammi and Shama Cachi, and her cousins, Bisma and Areesha. Armaan is very happy that everything happened so perfectly and most of the family members were on his side, supporting this decision. I think he has spent a lot of time on family politics, the equation, and the dynamics that the Appa Jee clan shares with each other.

However, due to controversies and objections from a religious group (Kun Faya Kun is also a Quranic verse), the program's producers rebranded it to Jo Tu Chahey.Synopsis.

Zahra Mirza.

So far, they have successfully established the fact that Mashal is oppressed and is mistreated at the hands of his aunts, so I feel that they should advance the story and focus more on the development of Mashal's character.

That's why, according to her wisdom and maturity, Appa Jee made it seem like she came up with this idea.

Anyway, share your thoughts on this episode of Jo Tu Chahay. All situations and scenarios are realistically portrayed, but I feel that everything has been seen there, that kind of feeling that has stopped attracting me, which I hope will change. Zahra Mirza. The series consists of a total of 43 episodes. jo tu chahay "burhan suspected about bisma & hashers / areesha & armaan relation turns into fight" epi 14 & 15 Jo Tu Chahe best pakistani drama # zarnish khan Surprise For Him, Find Girls, Pakistani Dramas, Child Life, Tell Her, Good Job, Love Story, It Hurts, It Cast The general theme and focus of this series includes the importance of keeping faith in a higher power, a soulful romance, and being careful about what you wish for.

I also want to see that the focus changes on Hashir's character because at this moment he also looks like a secondary character, not sure if he is the protagonist or what? Ohkay so, this episode of Jo Tu Chahay was pretty basic yet again. The serial was earlier titled Kun Faya Kun.

Armaan got rid of this and did not take ownership of his decision in front of his mother, but when it came to Appa Jee, he clearly let him know that he only married Areesha because she and Mashal loved him. However, by the season finale, Jo Tu Chahay went on to be one of the top 10 trending dramas in Pakistan. September 5, 2019. To be honest, as much as I enjoy watching this drama, I feel it is not a review material because the situations are very clear and there is nothing detailed or complex about it.

Daniel Zafar is following in the footstep...Pakistani TV host Amir Liaqvat Hussein, who faced a joke for joking about the deaths of Bollywood personalities Irrfan Khan and Shridevi, ap...Oh well, this episode of Jo Tu Chahay was decent. Obviously it is not desired and does not help the situation at all. I will still say that this drama is worth watching, but yes, when it comes to discussing it, there is nothing special in any episode to be honest, which I hope will change.Overall, this episode of Jo Tu Chahay was average and there was nothing special that surprised me. Let's see when that will happen.Appa Jee took care of her and proposed Armaan's marriage to Areesha.

He did not make clear what his reasons were and that it was Armaan who decided to marry Areesha instead of Mashal now. I feel that if they had shown that she had immense respect for Armaan even before he entered the drama, her feelings would have seemed a bit justified, but I'm not sure why she looks a sad face when she herself has admitted that she didn't Did he love Armaan? Zahra Mirza. August 22, 2019. It has an extensive base in the YouTube community with over 3 million views per episode. Opening Thoughts – Aflatooni Mohabbat (Is that even a word/expression?) Mashal's parents died in a car accident when she was 5 years old. Mymagazine Expert. I also noticed the new trend, which rightly censor the unwanted physical contact between the characters / actors, I saw what happened in this week's Surkh Chandni episode and even in this episode they edited the hug between Armaan and Areesha, so when they know They can't show those things, so isn't it better not to shoot them? Again, it seems to me a beautiful black and white image that has been painted by the writer here, where all the men are positive and the ladies of the house are negative.Mashal has just become a spectator with a bucket full of grudges, complaints and tears under his belt.

The series ended on June 5, 2020.

jo tu chahay ""burhan blamed mashal / bisma’s insecurities about hasher /hasher fight for mashal rights".ep1#13 November 04, 2019 HAMARI KAHANI (Turkish Drama Bizim Hikaye In Urdu/Hindi)" Hilarious Story of 6 Siblings Living Together With Drunken Father " FAKHRI" EPI # 4 & 5 Jo Tu Chahay Episode 10 Story Review – Aflatooni Mohabbat What.

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) notified the channel for drama’s title, following which, it was changed to first title’s Urdu translation. Some background that I think would have made these feelings and emotions seem a bit convincing, but right now, it just seems unexpected and makes Mashal look a little desperate, a little less than Areesha but definitely desperate. I still don't see the reason behind Mashal's disappointment and his dismay at the idea of ​​Armaan marrying another person and not her. I mean I should have been immune to this already, but no, it's stuck in a routine I feel. Jo Tu Chahay Episode 9 Story Review – 2 Scoops of Ice Cream. The plot centres around Mashal, an orphan who lives with her grandmother, also known as Apa Ji. However, I enjoyed Nargis Rasheed's performance as I always do. Hum TV drama serial ‘Jo Tu Chahay’ hasn’t been airing for weeks and no official statement was issued as the reason.

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