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You may email me direct at I have an old family tree that was hand drawn that shows my JAMES family and how they connect to the outlaw Jesse James. 1875, d: 17 Sep 1928 + Robert C . 1865 in Butler County, Kentucky……………6 Eliza D. James b: 25 Dec 1855 in Butler County, Kentucky, d: 07 Jun 1943 in Ohio County, ……………6 Senora James b: 1852 in Russelville, KY, d: 25 Mar 1926 in Owensboro, Davies Co., Kentucky…………5 Berilla James b: 1828 in Ohio Co., KY + John L. Rankin…………5 Hezekiah James b: 29 May 1832 in Ohio Co., KY, d: 18 Feb 1880 in Butler Co., KY + Mary D. Butler b: 02 Jan 1842 in Sumner Co., TN, d: 09 Jan 1906………4 William “Billy” Samuel James b: 1780 in Hanover Co., Virginia, d: Bet. John James Burnet was born in Blythswood Hill, Glasgow on 31 May 1857. 1900………………7 Sarah Ann “Sallie” James b: 15 Nov 1831 in Ohio Co., KY, d: 12 Jan 1913 in Weir, Kansas+ Nathaniel Francis Arbuckle b: 13 Sep 1829 in Garrard Co., KY, m: 04 Sep 1858 in Ohio, Kentucky, USA, d: 23 Nov 1915 in Lafayette, Missouri………………7 Francis E. James b: 1834 in Ohio Co., KY + Robert M. Davis m: 01 Aug 1853………………7 Edmond Henderson James b: Sep 1837 in Ohio Co., KY, d: 11 Mar 1911 in Ohio Co., KY + Elizabeth Hook (or Timmons) m: 07 Feb 1859, d: 1913+ Mary Sophia Butler b: 20 Oct 1846 in Butler Co., KY, d: 18 Mar 1920 in Chanute, KS………………7 Mary Eliza James b: 19 Aug 1839 in Ohio Co., Kentucky………………7 Samuel Mosby James b: 16 Feb 1844 + Laura Alice Kincheloe b: 1853, d: 1921…………5 Lucy M. James b: 14 Jul 1808 in Ohio Co., Kentucky + Fielding Withers m: 11 Aug 1834 in Lincoln Co., KY……………6 Sarah Frances Withers b: Abt. 7 min read. For info, please email me at Please know that the purpose of this website is to share my many years of research with others; however, I would appreciate it if you would PLEASE NOT “CUT AND PASTE” parts of this website and put it either on your own website or on your Ancestry tree. in about 1869.

1884 in Kentucky, m: Abt. If you have any information that might be helpful, I would truly appreciate it.I am inquiring if the name William “Bud” Chaney has ever come up in your research on the James family? In 1999, he graduated from Brother Rice High School where he played football. I list below some of the descendants of John and Justina James.

+Justina Thurston b: 26 Aug 1691 in Long Ashton, Summerset County, England m: Bef. I have copies of his book but don’t have documents myself. 1804 in Kentucky, m: 09 Feb 1826 in Muhlenburg Co., KY………………7 Wing Kincheloe James b: Oct 1825 in Kentucky, d: 27 Jan 1920 + Mary A. Roan (Reno?) ………4 Spotswood James b: Abt. +Catherine Ann Parker b: Abt. West Point graduate, combat veteran, Army Ranger/Apache pilot, Detroit businessman, husband, father, Conservative Republican and committed servant leader.

I have a lot of information on the ancestors of Cenora. 1804 in Kentucky, m: 09 Feb 1826 in Muhlenburg Co., KY……………6 Wing Kincheloe James b: Oct 1825 in Kentucky, d: 27 Jan 1920 + Mary A. Roan (Reno?)
John went on to serve with distinction in Operation Iraqi Freedom where he earned a Combat Action Badge (CAB) and two Air Medals, among other awards, while logging 753.8 flight hours in theater leading two Apache platoons.”After returning home, James has worked for James Group International, the family business.James’ bio says that he and his wife “enjoy the Michigan outdoors year-round and are active members of Brightmoor Christian Church in Novi, Michigan.” James has made religion a plank of his campaign, touting himself as a “faith-based conservative” who will bring family values to Washington D.C.On primary day, James posted a photo with his wife and two children at a voting precinct and wrote on Facebook, “Today, Elizabeth and I exercised our sacred right to vote. So, thank you.”She also mentioned that she sits on the board of directors of the organization focused on human trafficking prevention and awareness and that works toward rehabilitation for the victims of human trafficking.

One of them is listed as having served in the Continental Troops in Virginia; however, that John James died in Pulaski County, Kentucky in 1833, so he could NOT be “our” John James who married Lucy Mosby because he died in 1819 in Ohio County, Kentucky. He noted that Edwards was carrying or wheeling her luggage.Brumberger remembered being in the Driskell Hotel in Austin, Texas, and seeing Hunter exit an elevator wearing "what I would consider overnight apparel." I’m sorry to say that website is now defunct and I did not copy the content of that website. His first wife was Elizabeth Frances Morris and they married in 1774.

1880 in Bonham, Fannin, Texas, USA + Joseph Ricketts m: 06 Aug 1846 in Butler Co., Kentucky………4 Samuel Mosby James b: 08 Apr 1790 in Hanover Co., VA, d: 16 Dec 1862 in Ohio Co., KY+  Martha Patsy Rogers m: 19 Oct 1818 in Butler Co., Kentucky, d: 19 Dec 1820+  Elizabeth Sarah Mae “Sallie” Borah b: 28 Sep 1796 in Bourbon County, Kentucky, m: 25 Nov 1822 in Ohio Co., Kentucky, d: 1865 in Ohio County, Kentucky…………5 Magdalene James b: 29 Jul 1825 in Ohio Co., KY, d: 04 Sep 1901 in Ohio Co., Kentucky+  William Lloyd Rogers b: 24 Jan 1824 in Ohio Co., Kentucky, d: 26 Feb 1877 in Ohio Co., Kentucky                                        Magdalene James Rogers Family……………6 Sarah Elizabeth Rogers + John Porter Jarnagin………………7 Sarah Alverda Jarnagin + James Henry ?

No towns or settlements are shown on the John James was in Mercer County, Kentucky in 1796 to assist his daughter in some transactions.

I have inserted my comments as clarification in [ ] below. There is the story in my family that Frank and Jesse James were cousins of my maternal great grandmother Elizabeth May James daughter of Pyrant Thompson James son of Catlett James. 1840 – 1848 in Butler Co., KY……………………………….. 5 William L. James b: 20 Jun 1819 in Ohio Co., KY d: 25 Jul 1899 in Warren’s Mill, Butler Co., Kentucky………………………………….. +Lucinda Arbuckle b: Aug 1832 in Garrard Co., KY m: 20 Jun 1846 in Butler Co., Kentucky d: Aug 1901 in Butler Co., KY………………………………………… 6 Catherine Ann “Kitty” James b: 1847 d: 27 Aug 1944 in Ohio Co., KentuckyI found your Kitty on Ancestry.com and there is a PHOTO of her! Elizabeth James Facebook John James' wife is Elizabeth James.

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