john y brown

…  I liked Jack, and we became friends, played golf together. You bring a unique speaker with service to both the corporate and public sectors. Brown, Jr. AKA John Young Brown, Jr.. Born: 28-Dec-1933 Birthplace: Lexington, KY Gender: Male Race or Ethnicity: White Sexual orientation: Straight Occupation: Politician Party Affiliation: Democratic Nationality: United States Executive summary: Governor of Kentucky, 1979-83 Military service: US Army Reserve (1959-65) Father: John Y.

Congressman. He has also been an owner of two professional basketball teams: the Boston Celtics, and the Kentucky Colonels. BROWN JR. was born in Lexington, Kentucky, in 1933. That brand explosion happened without cellphones, the Internet or fax machines. Brown Sr., a prominent defense attorney and father of former Gov. They said to him, “Don’t sell it.” It went on for weeks, all that dysfunction. As co-owner of Kentucky Fried Chicken, Inc., he established an international reputation by building KFC into the world’s largest fast-food service company, even bigger than McDonald’s, before selling in 1971. Brown senior (1900–1985), US-amerikaanschen Politiker, John Y. And as we sat down, the first thing out of the Colonel’s mouth was, When we finally went to the Colonel about selling, Once the Colonel got approval (for the sale) from Pete Harman, his first franchisee … we gave the Colonel a $50,000 good faith payment. He graduated from Centre College, in 1921, from the law department of the University of Kentucky, in 1921, admitted to the bar and ran a successful law firm in Lexington, Kentucky. This month marks 50 years since John Y. Kentucky Governor John Y. JOHN Y. Brown made that, and the Colonel himself, the focus of its product-driven company, and it took off like a rocket.In the five years from 1966 to 1971, KFC enjoyed a growth spurt never before witnessed in the global restaurant industry. By phone from his Lexington home, he picked up the tale here…We talked about the barbecue franchise and … I told him I was a good salesman and a lawyer, and that I could do franchising and sales, and that we could be partners.

Previously married to former Kentucky Governor John Y. The transaction changed the simplest of food concepts into a company with 18,000 stores in 115 countries generating more than $16 billion in annual revenue. Governor Brown has been the featured or keynote speaker over 1,000 times.

John Y. In 1984, Brown made a brief, abortive bid for a U.S. Senate seat. As Governor of Kentucky from 1979 to 1983, he reduced the budget by 22 percent and brought record commerce to the state. He first made his mark in the restaurant franchise industry by recognizing the appeal of … His work brought him the Democrat of the Year award and was made lifetime Honorary Treasurer of the Democratic Party. But its Diners and modern restaurateurs alike take for granted things KFC helped pioneer: streamlined duplicable systems; limited menus with easy-to-prepare products; highly recognizable—even lovable—brand icons; and clearly defined market positions. When Brown left the company in 1971, there were 3,500, including 863 opened in a dizzying 1968 blitz.

We even opened one later, but we didn’t do much more with it.I had a friend, Jim Cavanaugh, who led me to Jack Massey, who’d been in pharmaceuticals and was retired. Brown, she is survived by her two children, her son, Lincoln Brown, and daughter, Pamela Ashley Brown. John Y. In 1987, he ran for governor again but lost to Wallace Wilkinson.This searchable database identifies former governors by state and dates of service. U.S. You bring to your audience Brown's talent for using an "entrepreneurial approach by thinking out of the box." Brown Jr. and Jack Massey bought Kentucky Fried Chicken from Col. Harland Sanders for $2 million ($15 million in 2014). John Y. In a short time, nearly two dozen of them were multimillionaires with fortunes far exceeding the Colonel’s.Brown, now 80, still loves recalling the story. His team of entrepreneurial restaurateurs was aggressive, smart, strong-willed and quick to lock horns with a boss who lacked their experience. Then the grumbling started in his family. Disse Siet is över en mehrdüdigen Begreep un vertellt, wat disse Begreep allens bedüden kann. The governors' biographies available on the NGA website provide summary biographical information only and are edited infrequently. Brown Jr. was his son. BROWN JR. was born in Lexington, Kentucky, in 1933. He received a bachelor’s degree and a law degree from the University of Kentucky and served in the U.S. Army Reserve from 1959 to 1965. JOHN Y. Brown Jr. to your stage, you bring a pioneer in building the restaurant business. (Sorry to say, but if you’re not a Baby Boomer or older, you missed out on the original Original Recipe.) Under Brown’s guidance, Kentucky Fried Chicken’s metamorphosis altered the restaurant industry in ways that the grease-smeared lens of history makes it difficult to discern.It’s easy to view KFC’s original “white house” headquarters and massive second building from the Watterson Expressway and imagine the chain was always so impressive. Brown Jr. of Kentucky, died of pneumonia today at Humana Hospital Audubon, where he … Selling nothing but chicken.

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