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>> (cjdezldaajnopper) ] JUST SO – adapted from those marvelous Rudyard Kipling stories -- is just the show for kids who want to act out while acting. So sorry. From a bickering set of body parts to Paul Bunyan and his beloved Babe, these adapted tales in the tradition of Rudyard Kipling explore the origins of natural occurrences such as the sky and the tides through the eyes of different cultures.

Every gesture, every move that she makes A project that was a quarter of a century in the making, began with a series of inspirational stories. << and Mary Poppins) bring us an imaginatively empowering piece of theatre in Just So.Set to an eclectic, upbeat score, Kipling's Just So Stories are woven with wit and imagination into a song-filled journey through the jungle. - CAST SCRIPT & VOCAL BOOK - Book by . Almost all roles can be played by boys or girls.Cost: $400 for schools and camps which includes access to:(* When you license a show, we give you access to PDF's of the show material, so you can print whatever is required for your production. trailer MTI Shows In Literature highlights shows from the MTI catalogue based on classic literature – including novels, short stories and childrens' books. endobj /V 2 ALL: Aye, Aye and away! /Filter /FlateDecode


There are no scripts or scores to rent or buy. Music and Lyrics by . There don't appear to be any questions submitted. But just you wait, just you wait ELIZA HAMILTON: When he was ten, his father split, full of it, debt-ridden Two years later, see Alex and his mother, bed-ridden Half-dead, sittin’ in their own sick The scent thick COMPANY: And Alex got better but his mother went quick GEORGE WASHINGTON and (COMPANY): /L 32219

If you want to hear more, we'll send you a link to the script and songs.Hey! %PDF-1.4 /N 8 /Pages 24 0 R Infamous folk tales from around the world come to life as characters act out their stories of creation. Brownbeard: Thats better. I wanna know, can you show me I wanna know about these strangers like me Tell me more, please show me Something's familiar about these strangers like me .

My dad can get us a table!

Along the way, he meets other animals and discovers how the mysteries of their phenomenon came to be.Estimate the approximate cost of your licensing fees by providing a few details about your production.Digital scripts. Just So was originally produced by Cameron Mackintosh at the Watermill Theatre and in 1990, also by Mackintosh, at the Tricycle Theatre in London. 0000008826 00000 n /ID [ (/\356\246\074;\3171\216\026*J\366\\#\035\231) Kipling’s Just So Stories - 2 - STORY OF THE PLAY Kipling’s dramatic and entertaining stories about how the Camel got his hump, how the Elephant got his nose, how the Whale got his spout, and other richly woven tales come to life in this engaging full-length play. 0000002044 00000 n - CAST SCRIPT & VOCAL BOOK - Book by . (During the following instrumental music, the Stowaway sneaks back on stage in full view of the audience but not seen by the busy pirates. This caused the lands to flood, disrupting the other animals and putting them in danger. /R 3 %%EOF /Size 55 One week later Troy goes back to his high school, East High, in New Mexico to find that Gabriella is a new student there. Everything seems just so - until Pau Amma the Crab begins playing with the ocean, causing terrible floods that threatens the other animals. /U (\305;\376\362\352JF\272i\340\375,\336x\001\030abcdefghijklmnop)

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